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We use our hands to control things and to express ourselves. Therefore, hands in dreams can stand for both power and creativity.

Because your hands are a means of expressions, they are an extension of your personality. A dream that your hands are injured can mean that your ego has been harmed in waking life.

Do you find yourself gesturing in your dream? Just as you use hand gestures to clarify what you mean in waking life, the movements that your hands make in your dream can help reveal the message that your unconscious is trying to convey.

If you are making a fist, you could be feeling angry or passionate.

Folded hands can be a sign that you have accepted something.

Upheld hands are a symbol of justice or of a blessing.

Holding your hand on your breast is a sign of submission, while placing your hands together is a sign of vulnerability.

Wringing your hands represents grief.

A dream in which you are covering your eyes with your hands can mean that something in your waking life has disgusted you or that you feel ashamed.

Dreaming that your hands are dirty or bloody can mean that you feel guilty about something. If you are washing your hands, you may need to work through a problem that has been bothering you

A dream in which you raise your hands to your head can be a message that you need to think things through more.

If you dream that your hands are tied up, you might feel restrained in waking life.

Clasped or joined hands symbolize affection or friendship. Shaking hands in a dream symbolize can stand for a new friendship, but can also mean that you are getting to know a new aspect of your personality.

Are you holding anything in your hand? The object you are holding can provide a clue to the meaning of your dream.

Because some people believe that you can tell someone's future by palm reading, if you dream that you are looking at your palms you may be thinking about your own plans for the future.

Left or Right?

Traditionally, the left hand represents passive, feminine qualities while the right hand symbolizes active, masculine ones.

If you dream that you are holding a different object in each hand, there may be a conflict between your beliefs and your actions in waking life. The type of objects that you are holding can help identify the nature of that conflict.

Fingers and Thumbs

Fingers or thumbs can represent intelligence and agility or ignorance and clumsiness.

If you dream that your finger or thumb has been injured, you may be concerned about your ability to perform a task in waking life.

If you dream that someone is pointing a finger at you, you could be feeling guilty about something. However, this dream may also mean that you need to point yourself in a different direction.

Freud though fingers and thumbs were phallic symbols.

According to ancient tradition, if you dream that you have an extra finger, you will receive an inheritance.

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