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Hair in dreams can symbolizes virility and strength. If you dream that your hair is healthy and in good condition, you may be feeling strong and invigorated in waking life. However, a dream that your hair is in poor condition can mean that you feel week or have low self-esteem.

Dreaming that your hair is blowing freely in the wind can mean that you wish to be free to express your emotions.

Combing tangles out of your hair can represent untangling a difficult problem in waking life.

Brushing your hair can be a sign that you are thinking clearly.

If you dream that you are getting a haircut, you may wish to put your life in order or shed some of your responsibilities. A haircut can also represent conformity.

If your hair is cut and you feel badly afterward, you may feel that your self-image has been destroyed or that you have lost power in waking life.

Traditional interpretations say that getting your hair cut in a dream means that you will achieve a goal.

Washing your hair or changing your hairstyle can represent a change in your way of thinking.

Hair that is tied back in a braid/plait, pigtail or ponytail, can symbolize self-restraint. Since these are little girls' hairstyles, they can also represent your childhood.

If you dream that you are bald, you may be worried about growing old. However, this can also be your unconscious' way of emphasizing your intelligence. Freud believed that being bald in a dream symbolized a fear of castration.

A beard in a dream can represent masculine qualities that you possess or your attitude toward men.