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A dream in which you or someone else is brave, kind, loving or compassionate can be a message that you should try to develop these qualities in yourself in waking life.

Being Rescued

In a dream, someone who rescues you from danger can represent the Hero archetype. The Hero represents the search for knowledge and self-discovery. In myths and legends, the Hero is able to understand him or herself and his or her purpose in life only after enduring a long, arduous journey. Your dream is designed to inspire you to be as courageous and as dedicated as the Hero in your dream.

If you dream that you are rescued by someone you know, your dream can be a sign that you depend on this person in waking life. It can also be a message from your unconscious that you can expect to see more of this person in the future.

A dream that you are the rescuer, or that you rescue yourself, can also be a sign that you should develop and appreciate the heroic qualities in yourself.

Pay attention to what the Hero in your dream is fighting against and to any "words of wisdom" the Hero may provide. This can provide valuable information about your situation in waking life.

Kindness and Compassion

A dream in which someone is very kind, generous or merciful toward you can be a sign that you need to be less judgmental about others and appreciate the good qualities in people. This is especially true if the person who is kind to you in your dream is not someone you would think of as being kind or generous in waking life.

Such a dream can be a sign that you should try to be more generous and compassionate in your waking life.