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Glass, which feels solid yet appears transparent, can represent powerful feelings and barriers that you do not acknowledge in waking life.

Dreaming of frosted or smoked glass can mean that you have an unclear view of situation. Smoked or frosted glass can also stand for parts of yourself that you do not allow others to see. It can also symbolize death, something we must all face yet will never be able to understand clearly until we have experienced it.

Broken Glass

Broken glass in a dream can represent shattered expectations.

Stepping on broken glass can be a message that you need to be more careful about your situation or about the path you are taking in life. If you walk on broken glass and don't worry about possibly being injured, you could be causing yourself unnecessary pain in waking life.

If you dream about being surrounded by, walking on, or having to eat broken glass, you may have experienced a painful experience in waking life. Such a dream can also be referring to hurtful comments that other people have made. You may have been denying your pain in waking life; your unconscious is using this vivid imagery to force you to confront your feelings. Eating broken glass can be a sign that you are trying to hide your pain (by swallowing it) rather than face it.

Dreaming that you break glass can mean that you are breaking through a barrier.

Drinking Glasses

Freud thought that a drinking glass represented the female genitals, and drinking from a glass was a symbol of sexual desire. A broken drinking glass might represent a loss of virginity. Drinking from a glass can also symbolize oral sex with a woman.

Jung thought that a drinking glass or a wine glass was a symbol of the Holy Grail, which provides spiritual sustenance.


Eyeglasses in a dream represent your ability to see or understand something clearly. They may also represent a fa├žade that you hide behind, particularly if the glasses you are wearing in your dream are sunglasses.

Because glasses can be associated with intelligence, wearing glasses in a dream can mean that you wish people would have more respect for your intellect.

Glass House

A glass house in a dream could be a reminder from your unconscious that things are not always as they seem.

If you dream that you live in a glass house, you could be concerned that your reputation is under threat.