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We use fruits and vegetables to feed ourselves physically in our waking lives. In our dreams, fruits and vegetables can symbolize the ways in which we nourish ourselves emotionally.

The meaning of a fruit or a vegetable in your dream will depend upon how you feel about it in waking life. A fruit or vegetable that you like may represent a desire to satisfy your emotional needs. A fruit or vegetable that is dull-tasting can mean that you find your life to be dull and unsatisfying. If your parents forced you to eat a certain fruit or vegetable when you were a child, you may associate it with punishment.

The color and the number of the fruits or vegetable in your dream can provide important information about the meaning of your dream.


Because ripe fruit is associated with fertility, fruit in a dream can stand for sexuality, personal growth, material gain and the promise of a successful future.

If you dream of fruit that is not yet ripe, you may be rushing into something too quickly.

Rotten fruit can symbolize a missed opportunity.

A dream of a bowl full of fruit can be a sign that you feel fortunate.

If you dream that you are picking fruit, you may be enjoying the rewards of hard work in waking life.

Fruit in a dream can have sexual connotations. A banana can be a phallic symbol, while soft, round fruits like melons, apples or peaches can represent female breasts.

Fruits that are packed with seeds, like pomegranates, can represent the womb or the desire to have a child.


In our waking lives, vegetables provide nourishment, but unlike fruits aren't usually thought of as sweet or succulent. Therefore, in our dreams, vegetables represent things that are good for us and fulfill our basic emotional needs.

Eating vegetables in a dream can mean that you are nourishing yourself emotionally. If the vegetables are overcooked, you may be obsessing too much about a problem or a relationship.

Rotting vegetables symbolize death and endings as well as the potential for new beginnings.

Long, rigid, vegetables such as cucumber, leeks or carrots can be phallic symbols.

Because we sometimes refer to people who are inactive as "vegetables", a dream about vegetables can be a sign that you need to be more active mentally or physically.