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Flowers in dreams symbolize spirituality, inner beauty, happiness, hope and the fleeting nature of life. In our waking lives, we give flowers to people we care for and people we admire to express love, respect, sympathy and reassurance. Giving or receiving flowers can have the same meanings in our dreams.

In dreams, flowers can represent the cycle of life and death. As soon as a flower bursts into bloom, it fills its surroundings with life and beauty, but it has already begun the process of decaying and dying. Flowers often appear in dreams about loved ones who have died.

Flowers that are blossoming can stand for new ideas and new beginnings. Wildflowers can symbolize freedom and spontaneity. Flowers peeking up through patches of snow or concrete can stand for strength in the face of adversity.

Freud's interpretation was that flowers symbolize female sexuality, because of their shape and because a bee enters them to fertilize them.

Flowers in a Garden

If you dream of a garden full of flowers, you may be feeling satisfied and content in your waking life. However, your unconscious mind could be sending you a message that you need to relax.

If you see flowers arranged in rows in a flower bed in your dream, or if you dream that you are planting rows of flowers yourself, you may need to be more organized. Alternatively, this dream may mean that you are too organized, and that you need to be more spontaneous.

If you are watering or feeding garden flowers in your dream, you may need to pay more attention to a waking life relationship. If the flowers are parched and you are urgently trying to find water for them, you may have been neglecting the people who are closest to you.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers in a vase can stand for the ways in which you let others see your talents and your inner beauty.

The way in which you arrange the flowers in a vase can represent your approach to relationships. If you are careless with your flower arrangement, you may careless about your relationships in waking life. If you are very careful about where you place the flowers, you may be very caring in your relationships. However, you might be too controlling.

Artificial flowers can mean insincerity, as can cut flowers, because they have been removed from their natural setting.

If you dream of dried flowers, you may be paying more attention to your past relationships than to your present ones.

Flowers that are Wilted or Dead

Withered or dead flowers in a dream can be a sign that you aren't living up to your full potential. They can also mean that you have been disappointed.

If you dream that someone you know gives you wilted flowers, it can be a sign that your relationship with that person is becoming weaker in waking life. If you give wilted flowers to someone, you may be expressing an unconscious dislike for this person.