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Fish in dreams can symbolize ideas darting through the unconscious, since bodies of water, such as the sea or the ocean,  in dreams often represent the unconscious. Water is also associated with the emotions, so a dream about fish can have a strong emotional component.

If you dream that you see fish swimming beneath the surface of the sea or ocean, you could be becoming aware of unconscious truths that you have been hiding from yourself. A fish that leaps out of the water can symbolize a sudden flash of intuition.

If you dream that you are taking care of fish, your creative, sensitive side may have been inhibited and needs the opportunity to express itself.

A fish can be a warning from your unconscious that something isn't right - "smells fishy."

An ugly, dirty or injured fish can be a sign that you are going through rough times.

If you dream of a dead fish, you may be worried about how you interact with other people. You may not be expressing your emotions sufficiently. Are you a "cold fish?"

Fish in an aquarium can represent aspects of your personality that you are restraining.

The eye of a fish can stand for watchfulness and diligence.

Freud thought that a fish was a phallic symbol because of its elongated shape. He also associated fish with fertility because female fish spawn hundreds of eggs.

A fish is a very old symbol of Christianity, so if you are Christian, a dream about fish can represent a desire for spiritual nourishment, particularly if you dream that you are eating fish.

A fish in a dream can also represent someone you know who was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The color of the fish in your dream can have an important meaning.


A dream that you are fishing may simply be a message that you need to relax more.

However, it can also be a sign that you are searching for an insight that will help you solve a problem in waking life. If you catch the fish, your unconscious mind may be assuring you that you will find an answer.

Like a fish leaping out of the water, a fish that is caught in a net and brought to the surface can represent intuition.

A fish that is caught on a hook can be a warning that you are accepting an idea too quickly.

If you dream that someone else is fishing, that person can represent someone who provides for you in waking life.