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If you dream about someone famous, you may be examining a personal quality that this celebrity possesses. This could be a positive quality that you would like to develop in yourself. It could also be a negative quality that you have but would like to eliminate.

Dreaming of a famous artist or writer could indicate a desire to expand on your creative talents.

A common dream is one in which you meet the famous person that you admire the most. In the dream, this person is a good friend of yours and gives you useful advice.

Famous people in dreams

Jung thought a famous person in a dream could represent an aspect of your personality that exists in your subconscious, but which you haven't been consciously expressing. If this is a positive quality, your dream is telling you that you should work on developing this quality in your waking life. Jung also thought, however, that this celebrity could represent a hidden aspect of your nature that you do not want to acknowledge. Such a celebrity would symbolize your Shadow - the dark side of yourself that you repress when you are awake.

Freud thought that dreams about celebrities were wish fulfillment dreams. He thought that if you dream of someone famous, you either want to be like that person, have what that person has or just want more recognition from others.

If you dream about a famous person, think about what that person means to you. You may admire their looks or their talent, but you may also think highly of other qualities that they have, such as a deep concern for human rights or a drive to succeed despite having endured personal tragedy.