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You can learn a lot about your general mood and feelings in waking life by looking at the type of weather you experience in your dreams. When you are awake the weather can greatly affect your mood, different seasons throughout the year make you look at life from a totally different perspective. In the English language, and other languages, there are many words that are used to describe both a person's mood and different types of weather, such as stormy, sunny and gloomy for instance.

Storm-filled dreams or sunny dreams

Throughout the day your mood can change in much the same way as the weather can; the climate in your dreams often reflects your mood in waking life; if you are a calm and sunny person, your dreams will often have calm and sunny weather - if you are going through a time of anger and stress your dreams may be filled with storms.

Things are not always as cut and dried as that though; it may just be that you are temporarily angered in your dream, this will be evident if the storm you experienced was against a backdrop of sunny, blue skies - if the storm came and went it could also mean that your bad mood will not last and everything will return to happiness soon. If your dreams normally have a sunny disposition but you are noticing clouds and storms on the horizon, it could be a warning that stress levels are building in your waking life, that negative feelings are being repressed.

Rain and Snow in Dreams

Water in dreams is pretty much always connected with your emotions, rain (and tears) often conjure up an emotional state in waking life and dreams alike. Your spirit can feel overshadowed by dull clouds in waking life and in dreams they can show that your unconscious is trying to work with feelings of depression or sadness. In waking life crying can help you feel better, having a good cry can do the world of good; in dreams rainwater can be representative of tears, the rain in summertime can wash away the heat and make you feel good, you might experience a light spring shower or a full on downpour. Rain can bring new life into your stride, it can be welcoming and warm - a sudden pouring of rain at an unexpected time could also mean that your enthusiasm has been dampened. Rain can be seen as generally cleansing your worries, perceived sins and woes.

Snow can be looked at sometimes like rain, with all its attributes, in crystalline form. Snow expresses your emotions in much the same way as rain, only in a colder, clearer and bolder fashion; but it is also softer and gentler than rain, floating to earth like magical leaves and covering the landscape, dramatically changing the way everything looks. Snow can represent the fun and games of childhood, snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen and snow houses. Snow can also be threatening when it comes as a blizzard, or rumbles down a mountainside in an avalanche that smothers all, emotions out of control.

Stormy Dreams

People and, especially, animals will perceive a calm before a storm; where every sound seems a little dulled and ones neck hairs may rise with anticipation. The same calm can be recognized by people who are prone to emotional outburst, a red mist appearing before their eyes prior to losing control and blowing their top.

The rumbling of thunder and the boiling of dark clouds in your dream can represent all your pent up anger ready to burst forth, your charged emotion ready to strike like a lightening storm. Heavy rainstorms, thunderous dark clouds all express the volatile emotional content of your dream. Storms are violent, attention grabbing events and are therefore impossible to ignore and will be the main focal point of a dream. It isn't all negative though; experiencing violent storms in your dreams is a way of releasing your pent up anger in a safe environment, where otherwise you might let loose your charged emotions in waking life. Lightening lights up the landscape and can give the dreamer clarity during dramatic moments; as the storm goes away it signifies that your emotions are coming to rest, that calm is returning. You may feel a sense of euphoria from the energy release,a sense of being lucky that you rode out the storm to emerge the other side still alive. You may also find yourself picking over and observing the fallout caused by the violent storm.


Fog and Misty Dreams

While rain, storms and snow can represent your emotions in a clear and obvious fashion, fog and mist in your dreams can symbolize that you are lost and unsure of yourself. It can be helpful on waking after such a dream to try and remember what you did, or what happened, to clear away the mist and lead you back out into the seeing world - it may give clues on how to resolve a confusing problem in waking life. This type of weather, fog or mist that obscures things in your dreams can also represent a state of denial; you may want to ask yourself what it is you are not facing up to.


Seasons in Dreams

In waking life the world passes through springtime, summer, fall/autumn and winter; the days get longer, then shorter again; the weather and landscape changes from season to season and affects your mood differently throughout the year. The changing of the seasons can represent the cycle of birth and death and the things we experience in between these two points. Generally the seasons can be said to represent the following things:



represents: birth, childhood, innocence, growth, and renewal of life, love and romance.



represents: youth, vigor, increasing warmth (either giving energy or taking it away), abundance, growth, lushness, and happiness.



represents: maturity, aging, rich hues, experience, closing in, settling down, preparing for death, reflection.



represents: old age, death, barrenness, darkness, stillness, monotony, isolation, dryness, bitterness, and loss.