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Dreams in which you are surrounded by other people can give you an idea of how you truly feel about the people in your life. How do you feel about the other people in your dream? Your dream can also tell you a great deal about your level of confidence and about the way you think your family, your friends and the people you work with see you.

Family Gatherings

If you dream about a family get-together, you might be nostalgic for past happy times. However, if you feel bad during the dream, you might be recalling unresolved family arguments and subjects that cause tension between the members of your family. A dream of an unhappy family gathering may also mean that you don't think you have fulfilled your family's expectations.

Gatherings with Friends

Dreams about being with your friends can reveal how you truly feel about them in waking life.

If you dream that your friends treat you as if they don't know you, you may be trying too hard to make friends or to make a particular person become your friend. You may also have low self-esteem.

Friends in a dream who you do not know in waking life may symbolize aspects of your intuitive nature.

If you dream that a friend does something that you think is wrong, that friend may symbolize your Shadow, the dark side of yourself that you repress.


A dream about hosting a party can be a sign that you want to be more affectionate toward the people who are close to you.

If you find yourself speaking to someone you know at a party, you may want to get to know that person more in waking life. A dream that you are having a conversation with someone you don't know can be a message that you need to uncover a hidden aspect of your personality.

If you are the most popular person at the party, you may want to be more confident and more popular in waking life.

Is anyone missing from the party? They may represent someone or something that is missing from your life.

Gatherings at Work

If you dream that you are at a meeting with the people you work with in waking life, your unconscious mind can be providing you with insight on how you relate to them. If any of these people behave differently than they would in waking life, it can be a sign that they are being deceptive.

A dream that you are attending a conference can be a message that you need to be more open-minded.

If you are giving a speech at a conference, the reactions to your speech can signify how you think people regard you in waking life.