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Dream Danger Warnings

Sometimes our dreams may come to us as a warning against whatever difficulties our subconscious believes us to be in, often in the form of metaphors.

Dangerous People in Dreams

Being threatened by others in a dream is a common indicator of social or emotional trouble. The attacker may be armed, or overpowering or attacking from behind. The attack need not represent a physical threat, it may be a personal threat such as mental bullying in the workplace or a domineering partner. Such dreams are indications that our subconscious believes we are under attack and it is best to take notice of these dreams.

Natural Disaster Dreams

In dreams the symbolism of natural threats - lightning, avalanche, storm, flood, earthquake - are to warn us that we may feel out of control and at the mercy of fate. Although different from person to person, different types of disaster place emphasis on different aspects of our being - eg flooding relates to the emotions, fire to passion or anger, an earthquake to the stability of our lives. These disasters may also suggest a purging of some important aspect of our lives, enabling a fresh start.

Danger in the Home

Dreams of danger in the home may relate directly to our household where we have ignored signs of an accident waiting to happen and the subconscious is bringing this to our attention. However, symbolically these dreams may point to discord in the home or fears to do with multiple issues of loss or damage or danger.

A calamitous event such as the house falling down, may indicate difficulties in your security, stability or domestic situation. A dream of being trapped in a burning house may be a powerful metaphor for your feelings about some central aspect of your life.

Emotional Outcomes in Dreams

An accident or disaster in a dream may be meant as a catalyst for some behaviour rather than a danger sign. For instance in a different scenario in your life where things are not working out you may have feelings of guilt or blame that you need to express. The dream may be prompting you to take action in this part of your life and move forward.