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If you are dancing in a dream, you are probably happy and celebrating something in your waking life. You may have completed a successful project, found yourself in a good relationship, or discovered newfound freedom after having been restrained in some way.

Dreaming that you are dancing alone is a way of expressing your feelings of joy in waking life.

Dancing with a group is a sign that you feel in harmony with the people around you.

If you dream of animals dancing, you are in touch with your instinctive drives and your sexuality.

If you dream of frightening creature, such as monsters or skeletons, dancing, your unconscious is telling you that it is time to face your fears.

The music that you are dancing to can help show how you are feeling in waking life.

Dancing with Someone Else in a Dream

Dancing with another person in a dream, whether it is ballroom dancing or any other type of dancing,  can represent sexual intercourse. However, if you are dancing with a member of the opposite sex, the dance can represent the union of the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality.

If you know the person you are dancing with, and your dancing is perfectly synchronized, you may wish to become closer to that person.

Dancing with a stranger can mean that you wish to begin a new relationship, or that you would like the relationship you are in to be more intimate.

Dancing in Dreams

Ballet Dancing Dreams

If you dream about ballet dancing, you may be looking for balance in order to cope with a waking life situation, or you may be afraid of losing your balance.

Dreaming that you are a ballet dancer can be a sign that you need to express yourself, but in a controlled way.

If you want to be a professional dancer, a dream of ballet dancing can be a wish fulfillment dream.

Line Dancing Dreams

If you dream that you are dancing in a line, your unconscious is sending you a message about how much you conform. Do you dance in line with the others, or are you out of step?