Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

Throughout human history, people have tried to understand how the universe began and what place humanity holds within it. Every human culture has myths and theories about the creation of the universe. The Big Bang theory, the Book of Genesis and the Buddhists' Seven Ages of the Universe are all attempts to explain why we are here and how we arrived at where we are.

For some people, dreams are a means of understanding our origins. Dreams can test our belief systems or reveal a dissatisfaction with ideas that we have been raised to accept as true.

We constantly witness the rhythms of the universe around us - The rising and setting of the sun, the seasons, birth and death. We can use dreams to try to understand what force or forces initially caused these routines to occur.

In dreams, seasons can symbolize the stages of our lives. Spring can represent new beginnings. Dreams of summer can represent relaxation and pleasure. Dreams of autumn can symbolize abundance and fulfillment, while winter dreams may be about endings.

In our own waking lives, we are the causes of events. Our words and our actions can affect our futures and the lives of others. You may leave home a bit later than you intended, only to learn that by doing so you avoided being in an accident. In your dreams, you can think about why things happened the way they did. You can place yourself in an alternative scenario in order to find out what would have happened if you had acted differently. If you are feeling guilty about something you had done, you can replay the act in your dreams to find out if you really were responsible for anything bad that happened afterwards.