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Dreaming of books, looking at books, learning from books and reading from books is a dream theme that perhaps we don't think about so much in these days of mass media, social media, Kindles, tablets and smartphones, unless you are an avid book reader of course! Still, dreaming about books is a very powerful symbol of wisdom, attaining knowledge and instructions.

In waking life people sometime think that reading too many books, too much academic study, makes one less grounded in reality and lacking in common sense, so if you are surrounded by books in your dream and it seems somewhat overwhelming it could be that you need more practical experience in your life and less theoretical pondering?

Dream themes about reading books and their meanings

People read books, especially story books, as a means of escapism, to distract themselves from their mundane day to day lives, so dreaming of reading a story can reflect this need? The type of story you're reading in the dream may also help you decide what types of adventures you are looking for in waking life?

If you are dreaming about searching through books for answers it could reflect a need for knowledge and wanting to understand other people's opinions on a particular subject, depending on what you were looking for in the dream?

Ancient books, antique texts and dusty tomes are a symbol of old knowledge and wisdom, and may even impart knowledge from our collective unconscious as human beings, this is especially true if you are reading an encyclopedia?

If you are reading a dictionary in your dream the actual word or words you are looking for can give you clues towards what you need in waking life.

Dreaming of books full of numbers and business accounts can simply mean that you need to take care of your financial affairs.

If you are reading from a book of poems in your dream it could reflect a need to be more creative in your waking life?

Sacred Books in Dreams, Bible, Koran, Torah, Book of Shadows

Depending on your faith, religion or beliefs, you may find that you dream of sacred texts such as the Koran, Torah, Bible or even the Book of Shadows? If this is the case it can be that your subconscious is hoping to find some hidden meanings to life, something of more substance than what we can see and hear from day to day? Sacred dreams can also be a way of checking we are headed in the correct spiritual direction. You may dream of reading sacred text from another religion, which may be a sign that you should have a more open mind when it concerns your spirituality and faith, or be more tolerant of other faiths?