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Being lost in a dream may equate quite simply to feeling lost in waking life. The symbolism of mazes and labyrinths in dreaming is certainly about being lost. We may be lost through disorientation, confusion, loneliness or through other difficulties. The theme of being lost may be part of a more complex issue so we must take time to work out the details of the dream and what they might mean.

Mazes and Labyrinths

You may dream of being literally in a maze or labyrinth, or the maze may be twisting and turning pathways or city streets? A maze is designed to confuse you and get you lost while a labyrinth has a definite goal at its heart. There may be a whole system of forked paths and dead ends designed to steer you to the center and prevent you finding your way back out. A maze is not necessarily designed to lead you anywhere and may often take you round in circles before leading you to where you began.

Dreaming about being lost meanings

Being Lost

When we dream of being lost it is important to find out why we are lost, what we are turning away from. We all encounter difficulties and fears, mostly we get on and deal with them. However, if we ignore our problems they may manifest as dreams in which we are lost or misled. We struggle in a maze, held captive by our confusion. The dream's purpose may be to give us some insight into our problems and help us deal with them. We can study our dream to see if we were helped by something or someone.

The Confusion of Choice

Mazes and labyrinths often involve making a series of choices. The right choices get us where we want to be. If we make the wrong choice we remain lost. If we are confused, making choices becomes a difficult process and we may easily make mistakes. The dream may help us to choose based on information that hasn't been accessible to our conscious mind.

Being lost in a dream maze may simply be a warning that we should pay more attention to some aspect of our lives that is more complicated than we thought. In your dream consider your decision making process - whether it is impulsive or calm and rational. Notice whether it is effective, and whether you are alone in the maze, does your companion help you or mislead you? These answers show how much you can rely on others in your decision-making and whether you are able to "go it alone".