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Dreams of death and attacks can be really bizarre. One physiological explanation for this is that the brain with excessive data to process, makes random connections and coupled with the possible intense emotional state of the dreamer, could produce a dream of attack or death.


  • After the September 11 attacks, there were hundreds of people dreaming of future attacks, both mass attacks and individual attacks.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that dreams of death and fierce attacks were indicative of ill health of the dreamer.


Obviously, the dreams do not portend death. Dreams of attack may be an offshoot of extreme anxiety, while death dreams are interpreted to be heralding a massive change in the life of the dreamer, to the extent that there is a sea change in his personality.

There have been clairvoyant dreams of death (Julius Caesar was specifically warned of the Ides of march, it is believed), which is always a rare coincidence