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A dream of an adventure can reflect the fact that your waking life is becoming more adventurous, but it could also reflect a desire to take more risks. It can be a sign that you need to challenge yourself more or look for talents that are hidden within you.

Your progress in an adventure dream can be a sign of your progress in waking life. Are you traveling along the right path? Do you need to speed up or slow down? How close are you to achieving your goal? What were your emotions in the dream?

How brave were you in the dream? If you were very brave in your adventure dream, you may need to acknowledge your bravery in waking life? If you become frightened and run away, your dream could be telling you that you need to find inner strength.

dreaming of adventure

If you are a lucid dreamer, you can use adventure dreams as an opportunity to practice being more courageous.

An adventure dream can include the Jungian archetype of the Hero, who overcomes the obstacles he encounters in his adventure in order to learn and grow. If you dream of the Hero, it is thought to mean that you have the courage to face life's challenges.