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I first wrote this article years ago about developing psychic powers, but later removed it because I thought it had little connection with dreams and dreaming.

However, I have since realized that, even though there may be no real connection between remembering dreams and psychic powers, developing these powers might open areas of your mind that will also aid remembering dreams. There are certainly a few practices here that would certainly open up ones mind to the idea of a higher self, beyond the mundane body of waking life.

So, here it is, good or bad, useful or not, see what you think:

Your A-Z of increasing psychic ability

A – Activity, learning something that requires intuition like the tarot is a great way to increase your psychic abilities as you build an affinity with the cards.


B – Borrowing is the art of seeing through the eyes of other animals. It works better with wild animals like birds and foxes but don’t be afraid to give it a try with cats and dogs, just avoid using your own pets for your experiments as your affinity with them will cloud your visions. Look at your subject animal and try and imagine yourself in their head, seeing through their eyes. Remember that most animals are color blind and their vision is in black and white, but they can usually see in the dark. Creatures that have eyes on the side of their heads, like horses, can see either side of themselves almost 360 degrees, but have a blind spot straight in front of them.


C – Chocolate, the Mayans believed there was a link between cocoa and the divine, eating chocolate can connect you with higher spiritual powers. Also, making drinking chocolate will fill your home with its divine scent.


D – Dowsing for lost objects or searching for your ideal vacation destination with a pendulum will increase your innate powers.


E – Essential oils can be added to your baths to lift your spiritual awareness, different oils can alter your perceptions depending on what you are seeking, for instance: jasmine is ideal for attracting spiritual forces to aid you in your psychic quest; rose oil will help you sort out love matters; and basil will assist you in money matters and choosing a career.


F – Finding things, as well as dowsing you can use your latent powers to locate lost objects by visualizing the object in question and willing the image of its whereabouts into your thoughts. Imagine the object giving off psychic energy, like a magnetic pulse that you can home in on.


G – Guard yourself against unwanted negativity by keeping your experiments a secret from those around you; only entrust your endeavours to those actively involved in your training, they can give you positive feedback and will be more open-minded to embracing new ideas.


H – Horoscopes, instead of simply reading your own in magazines; try researching the subject and creating charts for your friends and family, keeping it informal will be fun for your subjects and will avoid any unnecessary negative input regarding your learning.


I – Intuition, follow your instincts and intuition as often as possible; if you are walking to work or school and you have an urge to take a slightly different route, just do it. Instead of thinking that you should call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, do it straight away; thinking too much can stifle your intuition and your psychic powers.


J – Journal, keeping a record of your psychic endeavors will give you something to look back on to check your progress, it will also tell your subconscious that developing your psychic abilities is important to you. Note down any instances of déjà vu, or times when you see a news story that you knew how it was going to end.


K – Keep at it; your abilities may not manifest overnight, then again they just might, so the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies here just as much as in anything else in life, whether you’re training to be a carpenter or a telepath.


L – Library and learning, read as many books on the subject as you can find. You can save a lot of time by learning from other people’s experiences. Once again, actively reading and learning about your chosen subject, will tell your subconscious that this is important to you and trigger deeper psychic awareness.


M – Meditate, meditation is one of the better ways to tune yourself into a higher awareness. Some may find this difficult at first but it will get easier with practice. Light a candle and sit comfortably staring into the flame, visualize the purity of the flame enveloping you in its glow while you empty your mind of the mundane thoughts of everyday life. Imagine your woes and stresses being burned up by the flame and unburdened from your spirit.


N – New experiences, as well as learning new things like the ones listed here, try to experience new things as often as possible; this keeps your mind stimulated with new ideas and makes it easier to accept fresh input such as telepathic thoughts.


O – Observe everything, try and visualize the world like an artist; take the time to examine the intricate patterns of nature, the beauty of plants and animals and their behaviors. This will open up a sense of the divine.


P – Psychometry is the art of diving answers from objects, especially those that belong to someone that you are trying to find answers for. Take an object that someone normally wears a lot, like a watch or a ring, and hold it in your closed hand while visualizing any images that come into your mind; don’t force it, just let them come and tell the person what you saw, being sensitive of their feelings. The image may mean something to them even if it means nothing to you.


Q – Question all unusual phenomena in your life, make notes of déjà vu and ‘coincidental’ experiences to see if any kind of pattern shows itself; this will make you more spiritually aware of psychic experiences.


R – Relaxation, when you are totally relaxed and at ease, say in the bath or just before you go to sleep at night, ask a question about something in the future and try and visualize the answer in your mind; make a note of any images you perceive and see if they come true.


T – Telepathy, ask a trusted friend to take part in some telepathic experiments with you. Take it in turns being a sender and a receiver; sit yourselves on opposite sides of a room where you can’t see each other with a notepad each, the sender draws a simple image on her/his pad and tries to transmit the image to the receiver who, in turn, draws the image that she/he receives, then the two of you compare images. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t try too hard, you can have a lot of fun with this and the results can be startling. You can invent your own telepathic experiments as you progress.


U – Understanding dreams, keeping a dream diary will automatically make you more psychically aware by purposefully tuning into your subconscious; dreams usually tell us things about ourselves but, on occasion, the subconscious of the universe can give us messages in our dreams that inspire creativity and higher spiritual sensitivity.


V – Visit meaningful places. Everyone has a place or several places that have a deep meaning for them, often for no apparent reason, that reappear in dreams time and again. When they are real places, visiting these locations will bring you into closer harmony with your spiritual awareness, increase your well-being and often give you messages of guidance along the right path for you.


W – Will, while out walking and partaking in mundane tasks such as visiting the grocery store or taking your clothes to the Laundromat, have a go at making things more interesting by trying to sense and gather some of the energy from the people you pass on the street and the folks that go by in cars and buses. See if you can will traffic signals to change from red to green; it may not work every time but trying is the main object when you are attempting to increase your psychic abilities.


X – X-Files, along with your own psychic journal and dream diary it is useful to take an interest in unexplained phenomena around the world; this isn’t to say you have to believe in every crackpot Elvis sighting type news story, just that you make yourself more open to the possibilities of the unexplained. You may want to specialize in Ghost sightings, or UFO sightings, or hunt out your own unexplained mysteries. Though, just a passing interest in new age matters can be sufficient for most.


Y – Yoga, taking up this Hindu philosophical system to a degree of your own desire will greatly help your physical and mental well-being. The less time you waste being ill, the more time you have for developing mind and soul.


Z – Zeal, keeping up your keenness and enthusiasm for this subject is 90% of the struggle; but be careful not to turn positive zeal into becoming a zealot, don’t burn yourself out with over enthusiasm and psychic exertion. Everyone needs and benefits from mundane day-to-day life at times.