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The house in your dreams may be representing issues concerning a particular dilemma in your life, or it may be more general and comprehensive; the individual will have a better knowledge of how to interpret its meaning. For most people the place where they grew up is the most common dream house, the home that is most often revisited in our dreams. There may be little changes to the structure of the house, there may be people there that you hadn’t met when you lived there; but you know that house more intimately than any other. It is the true reflection of your soul and the storehouse for all your emotions both positive and negative.

A close analysis of your dream house can go a long way to help you down the road to interpreting your dreams. The house you grew up in always has a huge influence on your psychology. Your house gives you boundaries and it keeps unwanted entities out. It is the place where you go to feel safe, its every corner is a reflection of your mind.

A house in a dreamIn deep contemplation of our childhood homes we can find clues to help us examine our personalities. What kind of house/home did you grow up in? Was it a large house, did you think it was large at the time? Was it a small house, did you think it was small at the time? Are you still living in the same house? If so, do you think you are a better person for it or not? Were your friends’ houses bigger or smaller than yours or did you all live in very similar houses? How many floors did it have? How many windows? What was its shape?

Most of us live in square houses with corners, but some peoples’ house are round with no corners. Some suggest this may have a profound effect on a person’s psychology because of circles representing infinity and less restrictions.

Can you remember what colors your house was painted in; how do those colors affect your feelings now? If something good always happened to you in a certain room, the color of that room may still make you happy for the rest of your life and vice versa. Was there a place in your house where you went if you were miserable, or a place where something bad happened? What were the colors and shapes that were involved? Is it a dark place or a light place?

You probably already consider some of these things if you have children yourself; did you think carefully about the colors and shapes for your new baby’s room, crib, blankets, toys and everything? We know that these things affect our development when we are born, but why do many think they don’t matter so much as we get older? What makes us choose our wallpaper and furniture? With each new generation we restart the cycle of developing a new person’s psychology; just as your personality has been shaped by your parents and the house you grew up in, your children’s personalities are being shaped and honed by you and the choices you make for their environment. Not just in their rooms, but the entire house is going to mean different things to them just like it does/did to you.

You are in a privileged position in that you can remember exactly all the colors and shapes in their childhood home because it was you that put the colors and shapes there. You will be able to help interpret your child’s dreams because you will know what some of the colors and images may mean to them even if they have forgotten.

You may want to ask your own relatives to fill you in on some of the details you may have forgotten. You may even be able to proactively affect your children's future psychology through the way you design and lay out your home. Do the different rooms in your current home have hugely contrasting colors and shapes in them or is there a common design that flows from one room to the next? How do you think these different styles might have an effect on a developing personality? How do they affect/reflect your own personality? Who in your household decided on the shapes and colors and what can this tell you? The subject of the house in dreams is huge, its effects are huge.

There is an enormous amount to think about when deciphering the meaning of the house in your dreams.

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