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Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one that is most associated with motherhood.  As soon as a child is born, it associates its mother with physical nourishment.   Traditionally, the kitchen is the place where the mother makes food for her child.

A dream that takes place in a kitchen often reveals something about how you have been nurtured, both physically and emotionally, and about how well you have developed feelings of security and self-worth.  Is the kitchen in your dream a place of safety and comfort, where you can enjoy the smell of a delicious meal wafting from the oven, or is it a dangerous place with sharp knives that can cut you and hot flames that can burn you?

Cooking something in a kitchen in a dream can represent a desire to care for others or a need to take better care of yourself.

Dreaming about your kitchen

When you cook, you are taking raw materials and transforming them into something that is useful and pleasurable, so cooking in a dream can symbolize taking your talents and skills and using them to create something better for yourself.

Cooking in a dream can represent a transformation in your life.

If you are carrying food out of the kitchen, your dream may be reminding you that although you appear to be moving away from a place of safety, you will always have inner resources to protect you.

In dreams, items in kitchen cabinets and cupboards can represent stored memories.

A refrigerator or freezer in a dream can symbolize a feeling of emotional numbness or detachment.  Items stored in a freezer or refrigerator can represent thoughts, emotions and memories that you have been afraid to acknowledge.

Because a kitchen is associated with motherhood, in a dream a kitchen often represents feminine qualities such as intuition, sensitivity and passiveness.

A dream that you are cleaning your kitchen can represent a desire to loosen maternal bonds.