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The Mothership is a presence in a lot of my dreams, its pilot is Catface. It can be called down to assist me in difficulties. It can also change shape to try and blend in with its surroundings, with varying degrees of success.

For instance, in a relatively normal dream I had a while back I was with some friends and we needed to get to a party across town during rush hour which was impossible; so I told them I knew someone who has a helicopter and that I'd go and phone them.

I called up the Mothership and asked it to come and pick me up with some people and to make itself look like a helicopter.

When it came down to pick us up the rotor blades were completely silent as it hovered down in a very un-helicopter fashion but, worse still, Catface had placed a kind of fixed wing above the rotor blades and on this it had placed an array of potted plants to give the whole effect a more welcoming feel.

The inside of the machine was way too big and furnished with plush leather seats and a dining table...

When I call Catface to bring the ship I usually do it telepathically, but I sometimes have a device that I talk into like a watch or something.

The ship always appears as a tiny dot very high in the sky and comes almost straight down from above my head, never any other way....

The Mothership has a kind of retro low tech presence about it; even though it's by far the most advanced technology in my known sleeping universe... for instance, the Mothership has devices that can send objects back through their own time without moving them; this is how things are repaired, by making them brand new again - the devices always glow green.

Mothership current status/new developments:

4-March-2010: Decided to use the Contraterrean Energy that powers the Mothership on Earth to power cars and make free food for everyone.

3-February-2010: Catface made Mothership look like a executive dark-blue Dauphin helicopter so I could impress two college girls.

15-January-2010: Rescued a woman and myself from angry ballroom dancers on cliff-top.

10-January-2010: Rescued me from life of tedium working aboard cruise ship.

18-July-2009: Gave some kids a lift to Australia then changed shape into an ice-cream truck and fired dud cruise missiles into the sky.

30-June-2009: Warned me of incoming nuclear ordinance from space.

6-April-2009: Used a new gadget called a Looking Device that's kind of a remote camera, with no physical presence, which allows you to view anywhere on Earth from a console on  the ship.

5-April-2009: Went on a trip to a psychedelic planet.

16-February-2009: Catface beamed female voice to my watch so I could find a bag with my clothes inside.

15-August-2008: Catface once again sends me medical supplies, this time a scanner using chemical technology that hasn't been invented, or even talked about on earth yet.

20-July-2008: After an absence of more than a year, Catface comes to the rescue with advanced medical software to help me bring another me back to life.

June 6 2007: Haven't seen Mothership in ages, but used it's green scanner in last night's dream.

February 14 2006: Discovered time travel bubble onboard.

February 7 2006: Thought of using Mothership to evacuate friends if they were wrongly convicted of murder.

January 9 2006: seems the Mothership is now equipped with high speed drop-ships.

November 11 2005: Helped me create energy to transport gypsies to other dimensions. This has never happened before.

October 20 2005: Interacted telepathically with me to come down into Earth's orbit to remove a hijacker from a plane, only overly keen sky martial shot the hijacker dead before the event could take place.

May 4 2005: Mark , my friend, was in control of the ship, never again, he almost got me and John Travolta killed!

May 1 2005: Came down to earth through a multidimensional vista in the sky, surrounded by a many-hued ambience.

April 24 2005: Landed at drunken party, undisguised, then rescued Marcia from deserted Greek island.

March 3 2005: Shabby disguise with army camouflage, picked me and friends up in future war in Yogoslavia... also turned up in later dream fending off enemy flying saucers while I was travelling with Hercule Poirot.

Feb 20 2005: Considered using transporter beam to move house in the future.

Jan 10 2005: Transformed itself into a train with a huge hotel interior and a seafront complete with surf on the inside.

Dec 17 2004: Small repair device was no use fixing large jet engines.

Nov 21 2004: Used glowing green searchlight-type repair device to remove pain from drug addicts.

Nov 14 2004: Used glowing green watch for first time to talk to Catface.

Oct 1 2004: Being a little disobediant of late.

Sept 25 2004: Ship has manifested a weather shield for low orbit travel.

Aug 25 2004: All's well...

Seems to have developed an interest in building roads...

May 6 2004: Tiptop condition but getting a little bored, constructed the Hovercopter to pass the time....

November 2 2003: Fully repaired and back in action; rescued me from being murdered...

Aug 25 2003: out of action and under repairs after a forced collision with a nuclear missile and crashing into the Atlantic Ocean...