Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

30-November-2005: I had a dream that my friend Neil had a bottle of red wine that he didn’t want to drink, only he didn’t know what to do with it. Someone had just given it to him as a gift and he thought that wine had a use by date. I explained to him that you can keep wine forever, that it was actually quite common to keep wines for a long time before drinking them. I told Neil how I still had three bottle of Champagne that I hadn’t touched in ages.

29-November-2005: I had a dream that I was living in Brighton, on the south coast of England, again. There were these white trams that don’t exist in waking life and my mum’s dog, Tilly, was there too. Tilly was running around in a park for a bit while I talked to a guy called Peter Rankin about something that we didn’t agree on, I think it might have been whether or not Tilly was allowed on a tram. We got on one of the white trams later, they were kind of strange because they had open tops, and the woman driver said that dogs weren’t really supposed to ride on the trams. I said ‘awww’ and gave Tilly a cuddle. Peter gave me an I-told-you-so look but had not detected that the woman driving the tram was not serious about throwing Tilly off. Later I was with some other friends at a museum looking at ancient weapons, three of my friend played with some dwarf swords and did a formation battle routine as instructed by a video demonstration. I got hold of a Chinese spear with a red ribbon attached and showed off my amazing kung fu skills.

28-November-2005: I had quite a complicated dream, from a psychological perspective, in which I was gliding along a street like I was hovering. I saw my mother and hoped to glide past her without her noticing me, which I did at first. But soon after my friends, Neil and Jenny, were walking along the same street and I really wanted to see them so it meant calling out to them as I glided past and them replying loud enough for my mother to hear. My mother did hear them and came walking along beside me for about a mile towards a village called Bishopthorpe, she said she was on her way there to make a cup of tea. I tried to explain that I didn’t want to talk to her right now, that some psychological issues were being dealt with at the moment and some of them concerned her. I said I would write to her about the parts she was involved in.

27-November-2005: I was dreaming about walking through an indoor zoo, or zoological gardens, in the city of Philadelphia in America. I think I was looking for Marcia, I eventually found her outside looking for bargains on a street market.

26-November-2005: I dreamt that I had a nice mountain bike that I’d customized extensively. I left it outside the house I grew up in and it was stolen in seconds. I went for a drive in my car to go and look for the bike but didn’t find it. I did find a gang of eco-warriors that I was the leader of. We got into some kind of fight on a tennis court that ended with us jumping over the very high fence around the court from a standing still positing and shouting, ‘Panther Power!’ I can’t think why, but there must be some kind of subconscious connection between me and panthers. I remember thinking once when I went for a walk through a strange neighbourhood that I could ‘run all the way back (home) as fast as a panther if I wanted to’.

25-November-2005: I have a friend called Paul who cannot speak in waking life, but in last night’s dream he was talking to me and even walking around a bit, something he also cannot do normally.

24-November-2005: I have this idea that I want to begin right in the middle of London one day and walk along the riverside inland until there are no more buildings in sight anywhere, so that I’m completely in open countryside, and see how long it takes. I had a dream about this last night, I wanted to walk as far as Windsor Castle but found that I had gone too far, and in the wrong direction but I only realise that now. I was right out into the Thames Estuary, almost to the open sea, and the ground underfoot was all marshy and quick sandy and I was a woman. Someone else was with me but I’m not sure who, we were holding hands though and I feel that I was kind of leading the way. We somehow ended up in the water using a tree branch to float and paddling our way back to London. We came across a big metal barrier that had been raised to stop illegal immigrants getting in and we were about to go through this scary lock that was meant for boats and ships. I had a fear that we’d be sucked into the machinery so we got out of the water and ran into the rafters of the machine-house to escape. Some guards came up after us and kept thinking that they had me cornered, but I moved so quickly it looked like I’d simply vanished on the spot. I think I was a man again by the end and with a friend called Steve in Spain.

23-November-2005: I had a dream where a group of scientists and myself were trying to find some intruding aliens or monsters in a building complex. I wanted to use a special crystal I had but the technology was way too advanced for me to let the others see it.

22-November-2005: I dreamt that I was working late on a Flash movie for a website and Marcia came in at 11:89pm (yes, 89) to tell me to stop work and come to bed. The movie was of a test plane crash with a small aircraft fuselage diving into a river with me inside. It was the 2nd in a line of tests, the first one had sunk to the bottom really quickly because the windows leaked. I was assured that this plane would float for a while and allow me to swim out, which it did. It was this movie I was working on, there was a clip of something irrelevant halfway through the scene, a news reporter smiling or something, and I wanted to edit it out to make the movie continuous before I went to bed. Anyway, I just left it seeing as it was 11:89 and walked away thinking how dated Flash movies on websites will look in another ten years.

21-November-2005: I had a dream about searching for the source of the River Foss, a little river that ends near where I live. I found a kind of mechanical maelstrom at the source of the river, which was a bit disappointing because I wanted to row a boat from there all the way back to town. But it wasn’t so bad, one of the locals explained that the pool with the underwater scary machinery was not part of the river and that the actual Foss ran behind it.

20-November-2005: I was in a dream about London with a few friends. It started out with some strange tube (subway) rides to stations that don’t exist with tickets that had silly names on like, Boots and Hacker, instead of a price. We ended up at a place called Golders Green where there was a huge park and some ancient Victorian contraption for preventing floods. We were messing around with an iron gate on the machine when I got trapped inside and the thing started filling up with water. I should have been afraid, or would have been afraid I think before I started hypnotherapy a few weeks ago, but instead I bided my time and let the water fill up the chamber I was in, knowing it would complete some kind of cycle then empty out and reopen so I would be free. Things got a bit dodgy as the water got as high as my face, but I found a pipe in the ceiling that I swam to and put my mouth over to breath. I thought the air would be fetid and old but it was surprisingly fresh and clean. The only thing I was slightly concerned about was the possibility of rats in the water around my feet. Anyway, the cycle completed, the chamber emptied and the door opened again and let me out. I woke up feeling very pleased that I didn’t panic.

19-November-2005: I dreamed I was watching an old-style 1920s/60s-looking art movie while talking to my mother and Marcia, my wife. As the movie started Marcia was on there doing a sexy dance and being all arty, it should have been a surprise but Marcia never batted and eyelid as if everyone new she was a famous movie star and I couldn’t stop watching her dancing, she looked great. I later found myself in the movie with her, dressed as a pretentious Beatnik, black beret and cigarette holder attached, while Marcia played with a pet snake and wanted to let the snake crawl on me. I asked her what kind of snake it was and she told me it was a Californian Hill Snake. I asked if she wasn’t worried that it would bite her but she replied that it would never bite people it loved.

18-November-2005: I dreamed that I was in a town that may or may not have been about to be occupied by Nazi troops in World War II. I was looking in a shop window, a tailor’s I think, and there was this strange looking manikin inside that was smiling at me. The manikin turned out to be a Jewish robot that couldn’t help being friendly. It pursued me outside the shop and I ran away backwards as it attempted to greet me. The store owner came out and apologised, sending the robot back inside, then ushered me in his shop after the robot. He took me around to the back of the shop and up some stairs where I was to hide from Nazi troops in the future. Earlier today, in waking life, I was reading The Diary of Anne FrankThe Diary of Anne Frank.

17-November-2005: I dreamt that I was sort of a tall skinny guy with special powers, only I was watching me like a movie. A hard-man/tough-guy, Phil, from a British TV soap came to harass me and beat me up but I went completely mental and shouted that I’d had enough of being belittled and threw the guy into a storefront window. His brother, Grant, who’s even harder than Phil grabbed hold of me and I expected him to beat me up, but he just grabbed my arms tight so I couldn’t move and asked me to calm down and explain how I’d let my temper go so far out of control, what had led me to feel so bad. I don’t remember what my explanation was but we all ended up working together on something. Later in the dream some comrades of ours were locked inside a bank (perhaps they were robbing it) as automatic doors with bullet-proof glass closed in around them. I told everyone to cover their ears and our friends inside the bank saw us and did the same thing as I let out a high-pitched screech that broke all the windows and bullet-proof glass so we could all escape together.

16-November-2005: I dreamt that I was at a really crappy party in Monaco, a millionaire’s paradise. The party had been set up by some CIA-type agents to try and lure prostitutes into a sting operation but the area we were in, which switched between Monaco and where I grew up, didn’t have any prostitutes. Worse than that though, the party they organised was totally rubbish and the only person that showed up was my drunken friend Dave, who kept leering at people and falling over. I took control of the party and said we should get some limos and go out to a bar to meet people and bring them back to our palace, then we could have a proper party. Instead of limos the bundling agents ordered open top horse drawn carriages, which would have been nice but some of us were VIPs and vulnerable to sniper attacks. People started climbing on the carriages anyway even though I tried to stop them and the dream went deeper into fantasy with me hastily constructing a force field in front of my guests as a car-load of gangsters pulled up and started shooting at them. The force field was blue by the way, which is new for me because they are normally green in my dreams.

15-November-2005: The dream started out with Marcia and I looking at cheap accommodation on a rundown Scottish housing estate, the guy showing us around boasted that most of the houses were empty because he’d thrown lots of people out. The houses were in dilapidated rows with one in every four or five being occupied and the ones in between boarded up and covered in graffiti. I somehow ended up going for a ride on a skateboard and happening across my mother who nipped me on the arms really hard; I slapped her in the face and told her it was really annoying when she did that, my mother thought I was overreacting but my brother was there and he nodded in agreement. Later I was telling my brother that his father, my stepfather, was a moron. My brother didn’t want to accept that his dad was a moron, especially since he’d just solved a murder case, but I insisted he was still a moron no matter how many cases he had solved – especially since he tried to strangle me when I was younger and admitted to my mother that he never loved me. I shouted that last part for my stepfather’s benefit more than my brother’s. A stranger, possibly a movie star, came up to us and knocked somebody out with a punch; there was something in this part of the dream where you were supposed to guess who had been knocked out, me or my stepfather – I’m pretty sure it was the latter.

14-November-2005: I dreamt that I was brushing my hair and a huge solid clump came off my head, there was still quite a lot of hair left on my head but it seemed a lot thinner. Marcia was making fun of me for being worried about losing my hair. It later turned out that the clump of hair that came off was only a wig that had been on my head over my hair, it had a plastic surface underneath and a label that said, Made in Australia Wig BRNZ3 – I typed the wig’s name into Google to see what came up, but I was awake before I found out.

13-November-2005: I was dreaming about being inside a spaceship in the middle of a busy city, someone was harassing us from outside trying to get in and chased us as we flew away through the city. The ship was quite extraordinary in that it could fly through buildings and other solid objects as if they weren’t there, even so I kind of wished the captain would fly above the buildings and up into the sky as if they were there.

12-November-2005: I dreamt that I got a job at a radio station, I was a bit confused because I don’t have a clue about working for a radio station and they gave me quite a high up position as a sound engineer. I was further baffled when I was promoted on my first day to producer.

11-November-2005: I dreamt that I was in our flat (apartment) alone and there was a lot of water around the bed. I plunged my hand into the water and felt around on the wooden floor, the water seeped away very quickly and I thought that dust must have stopped it from flowing through the gaps in the floorboards before I wiped some of it away. Soon after this some gypsies were outside a window that only exists in this dream, they were demonstrating to each other how easy it would be to climb into my home when I was out, knowing that I was watching and hearing them. I was thinking that I should secure the window before I go out anywhere when a female gypsy actually came into my home through the front door; she was holding the door handle and lock in her hands, having dismantled them to get inside. About 5 gypsies followed her in and started rifling through all our stuff, seeing what they could take as if I were not there. With the help of the Mothership and my own telepathic powers I transported us all to the next dimension, a sort of world between this one and the next where souls go just after they die. A friend called Dave somehow got caught up in the energy field, he must have walked in as I was building it, and wondered why everything was so clear and other-worldly at the same time. He thought he was tripping or suffering from an LSD flashback. I told him that it was much worse than that, he and come with us into the next world and was essentially dead. This wasn’t exactly true, but I wanted the gypsies to think it was, because it was within my power to take us all back. The gypsies, however, were far too stupid to realise anything had even changed, they were still trying to steal my stuff, which by now was a false shadow image of the real stuff. I sent them on to another existence where they became silver blobby creatures inside a huge, dark centrifuge. I took Dave and myself back to Earth.

10-November-2005: Can’t remember everything, but there was this gay Texan guy in a dream who was obsessed with clams. He was dancing around and pulling his pants down, while slapping his arse cheeks and singing about clams – his face was very red/pink.

9-November-2005: I was dreaming about being shown around a Russian prison by a high-ranking officer. Two people that were being shown around with me kept sneaking off into forbidden areas when our guide wasn’t looking, stealing secret plans and objects belonging to the prison. I was telling them to stop it, that we’d be caught for sure, but they would stop and eventually triggered off some alarms. We all had to run for it and were chased as if we were escaped prisoners, with dogs barking and guards shooting. We got away and ended up at an airport, begging to be let on the first flight to anywhere.

8-November-2005: I had a dream that I was holding a little tube that contained the voice of someone I know called Bob Addy. I kept teasing Bob by talking through the little tube and making his voice come out the other end.

7-November-2005: I had a dream where I was half inside and half watching an episode of the US sitcom, Frasier. Niles was on his knees eating some dog food, trying to convince a dog it was really nice food, then ended up liking the food himself and craving dog food more and more. In the dream I shouted to someone, probably Marcia, ‘Hey, it’s that one where Niles eats dog food again!’

6-November-2005: I dream that I was recording a play, which I am in waking life, and adding way too much music to it, so that the play was over long before the music ended.

5-November-2005: I dreamt that I was taking a vacation in the middle of a desert in northern Africa somewhere, I felt as though I should have felt exposed and insecure in the wilderness, so far away from home, but I enjoyed it very much – it was so peaceful and all the worries of Western life seemed a million miles away.

4-November-2005: I dreamt that I was living in a house I’ve never seen before when there was a knock at the front door, I went to answer it and found two police officers in front of me who barged their way past and into my house, I said, ‘Please, do come in,’ rather sarcastically. They gave me a serious look as if to scorn me for my flippancy. They said that my time on bail would be at an end on July 12 as that would be the date of my court appearance; I couldn’t remember anything about being on bail or what I might have done wrong, I wanted to just ask them but they seemed very serious and I didn’t want to give the wrong impression by showing I thought so little of the offence that I’d forgotten about it. I had to ask eventually though because it was bugging me so much, so they explained how I’d worked for a care home or something called Bradbury’s, then this old lady who was with them interjected, ‘I told them all about how you’d been eating food in client’s house, particularly all their biscuits (cookies) then leaving a large deposit behind (meaning going to the toilet for a big poo). I started laughing and couldn’t believe the police were taking it so seriously, apart from the ludicrousness of the crime, the old lady was blatantly quite mad. As I explained how silly it all was the police were looking more and more nervous about their reputation, consulting with a lawyer in a black suit on whether or not they should pursue the case any further.

3-November-2005: I was dreaming that I was living in my old house from childhood again, only I was the same age I am now. Something happened earlier in the dream where I’d given someone else, who was also staying in the house, my mattress because I bought a new one (possible reflected in the fact that I just ordered a new mattress in waking life). I later overheard my mother and a guy called Bob Addy, someone who used to be annoying when he was younger but turned out to be quite a nice person, joking that I’d swapped mattresses because I’d been wetting the bed. It made me angry that they were laughing at me, more so because what they were saying wasn’t true, and I scolded my mother for messing my life up when I was a teenager. I was hoping she would be shocked for bringing it up, but she said I could discuss family matters whenever I felt ready as if her alcohol-related abuse from the past was just as much my fault. I think this dream is related to my upcoming appointment with a hypnotherapist later this morning regarding my fears of trains mentioned in the previous dream, my brain going over the things that might come up in the session?

2-November-2005: I had a dream that I was walking down Danum Road near where I used to live when I was growing up. I bumped into two friends, Steve and Suzy, and went to eat a fish dinner with them at the train station. We then got on a train and went to a small town and had another meal with eggs and something French. Two French girls were with us in the queue to pay for the food and they were buying the same meal as us; they picked up a slice of brown bread to go with their meal and put it on a little plate, I thought the bread was a good idea so I also picked some up and put it on the same plate as my meal, then thought better of it and put it on a separate plate like the French girls in the hope that it would make me appear more sophisticated. Later in the dream I told Marcia about the fish dinner and train ride with Suzy and Steve, and the following meal with the French girls; I wanted to know if Marcia would be jealous of the fish dinner and proud that I went on a train, which I’ve been afraid to do in the past few years.

1-November-2005: I dreamt that I went back in time to see Marcia, my wife, when she was a teenager, before I knew her; I can’t remember the purpose but I know that, for whatever reason, it was important in the dream. She was at school in charge of costumes or make-up at a stage performance, I was spending my time trying to get to know her and put her off going out with this ineffectual little guy that was hanging around with her. Later in the dream Marcia and I were kissing in a storeroom and she told me that the guy (can’t remember his name) had warned her that I was a naughty boy, then she giggled. Near to the theater where the performance was to take place I found a huge lagoon/river estuary that actually marked the end of a river, a bit like a lake only industrialized like an estuary might be sometimes. There were two vampires talking near a crane for lifting cargo; I shouted at them, ‘Boooorrrriiiing!’ over and over to try and annoy them. Near the end of the dream after I’d been kissing Marcia, I led her into the theater and walked across the room to an emergency fire exit and flung open the doors shouting out over the water, ‘Boooorrrriiiing!’ in an attempt to attract the vampires by annoying them. I was trying to get them to appear in the theater but it wasn’t working, not until I said, ‘I invite you in to speak with us all,’ after which they instantly appeared in the middle of the theater floor and said, ‘Splendid,’ together. The whole plot of the dream revolved around getting the vampires to appear, but I can’t remember why and woke up soon after this.