Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

31-March-2005: I had a dream that was set slightly in the future; Marcia, my fiancé, and I were married and on vacation in Holland, the Netherlands. We were in a sunny park and I thought we could hire a tandem bicycle, because Marcia can’t ride a bike on her own I thought it might be a good way for her to try. There happened to be a tandem in the style of an ordinary black Dutch bicycle only with two seats. I started looking at it and wanted to try it out, a guy came along who owned the machine and said I could use it, and borrow his ladders if I wanted. I turned down the ladders but borrowed his tandem; it took a lot of coercing to get Marcia to take the back seat of the rickety contraption, but she did get on eventually. We rode around the park in small circles until I was sure I could ride it properly without making us fall off; Marcia wasn’t convinced though, she kept telling me to stop – saying it was a silly idea, far too dangerous; she even said that perhaps we should break up! I stopped the bike and let her off; she didn’t really want us to break up, she just said that to get me to stop; we stretched out and relaxed together on the grass and cuddled instead.

30-March-2005: I dreamt that I wanted to prove that I could survive sleeping outdoors in winter, so I went and slept under a stone bridge on some sand next to the main river in York, England. I woke up (only in the dream) really early and freezing cold; I was very dizzy and my eyes would not focus properly, when I looked at my hands my fingers were all different lengths – too short mostly – and changed as I waved my hands in front of my eyes, like I was looking into a distorted mirror. When I looked at the horizon a church tower kept slipping sideways like I was falling over. I woke up for real with a headache and feeling quite dizzy.

29-March-2005: I had a dream that I was in high school somewhere in America that I don’t know; our class was taking English and the teacher had set us an assignment to write a thought provoking essay or poem in 1000 words or less. I tried to write something about a duck that went something like, ‘quack, quack, duck goes quack’ based on a British comedy show where everyone reads a book called ‘Piggy Goes Oink’ then says, ‘Wow!’ like they’d read the most esoteric, mind-expanding scripture known to man. It didn’t work though, every time I tried to read my ‘Duck Goes Quack’ piece the rest of the class started joining in with the quacking. I gave up on that idea and wrote an essay about life instead, only when our time was up my essay disappeared – the teacher didn’t believe I’d written an essay at first but I said I could type the whole thing again, from memory, backwards. I typed the main theme of my essay backwards in about a minute and the teacher read it via a mirror, everyone was impressed.

28-March-2005: I dreamt that I was in a pet store with my brother; we were looking at birds in cages, my brother was trying to choose a new pet. I pointed at a cockatiel but he said it was too old and ugly; I told him he was silly, that it was just a young chick – I also pointed out a budgerigar and a kookaburra and said that in their native land they all share the same tree, so if he bought all three of them his house would sound like the Australian Outback.

27-March-2005: I was in a dream with some guy I don’t know looking for a baby that had been kidnapped. The baby was being held somewhere inside a hydroelectric power plant. The guy I was with had a robot with him that was an exact replica of himself; the three of us spent a long time walking through jungle until we arrived at a huge dam, we took it in turns sliding down the dam. When we got to the bottom we discovered that there were guards and cameras everywhere and had to climb back up again to find another way in… I woke up before we got inside.

26-March-2005: I was dreaming that I was in a shabby old English house in Spain; there was always this long boat trip home looming that I wasn’t looking forward to, I don’t quite know why because I normally like boats. I was doing naughty things with a girl and feeling really guilty about it because it wasn’t my fiancé, so I stopped and made her go away. There was a piglet swimming around in an old style bathtub in the middle of the living room; I went outside and found that the streets were an inch deep in water. The polar ice caps had melted and the water level had risen a few inches all over the world; there was something wrong with a street lamp so I got a tool out and adjusted a screw on the lamp to fix it, instead of making the lights come on it made all the water drain away from the streets. Later I was on the boat with some people heading for England; I was tense and nervous about being cooped up in the same place for a couple of days, a guy called Richard Lowe was discussing writing a new song with someone I don’t know in a black leather jacket, I think he was a record producer. He said he might give it a go when we got home; I interjected and pleaded with him to start writing the new song immediately, snatching a notepad from him and scribbling out some crappy song lyrics. Richard and the man in the leather jacket took the notepad off me and started writing a song, which is what I wanted them to do – I was hoping they’d start singing new songs and help my journey go by quicker.

25-March-2005: I had a dream that I was part of a bank robbing gang; the gang leader transferred his soul into the body of Doctor David david banner the incredible hulkBanner, The Incredible Hulk, while he was in his big angry green stage. I kept telling him that he had to get out of there, that he wouldn’t be able to control the rage and emotions, but he wouldn’t listen. He made me go with him to the bank as The Incredible Hulk to have a look in his safety deposit box; when we got to the vault he ripped out his box and made a hole in the back of the bank, all the alarms went off, we ran away and leaped into a waiting getaway car – the car was already full of people so I has to lay down across people’s laps on the back seat, The Incredible Hulk guy just forced his way in and refused to give the body back.

24-March-2005: I dreamt that I was on the hunt for something in Eastern Europe, mostly Hungary, with my friends Mark and Chiemi – it was kind of a mystery detective dream. We went across a stone bridge that spanned a very deep ravine, there were lots of little castles on towers spread across the floor of the ravine underneath he bridge. We entered a town full of very narrow streets and a kid I knew from childhood school called Jason Foster showed up, I told him we had entered vampire territory – I didn’t mean there were actually vampires around, just that the architecture looked like the set of a vampire movie. I told Jason how lots of Hungarian and Romanian small towns had narrow streets like this, with buildings leaning towards each other from either side of the street, garlic and red peppers hanging on strings outside shops with wooden shutters on all the windows. I went into a kind of chapel with Mark and Chiemi, looking for clues as to where we were supposed to start looking for clues; I bought a little packet of cigarettes and lit one up, then realized I didn’t smoke and threw it away. Chiemi was also smoking as I told her what I’d done with the cigarette, she was supposed to have quit a year ago and threw her cigarette on the floor. Mark was smoking because he still does smoke, I gave him the little packet I bought but afterwards wished I’d thrown it off a balcony into the ravine.

23-March-2005: I dreamt something about Marcia and I talking to a carpenter or something, he was making a big computer desk for us and asking why we wanted two computers so close to each other; we told him that we wanted to use them both at the same time, and be sitting next to one another.

22-March-2005: I had lots of dreams to do with flying, and flying machines; first there was an incident outside the house where I grew up, I was talking to some guy and a plane flew overhead really low, I could tell by the angle of its decent that it was going to crash in the fields out back. We ran through our house into the long back garden and down to the end, I heard the crash and decided to fly myself so I could get there quicker and help out. While all the locals were running across field towards the crash I was flying through the air; I got there before anyone else and discovered the pilot of the small plane sitting next to his machine tinkering with the engine, not bothered at all that he’d just crashed. Some bikers were helping him out with spare parts… later I was in a high-rise apartment block with a big fat lady, an army helicopter could be heard outside and I knew it was coming for us; I ran outside and down the stairwell, shouting for the woman to follow me. She never came at first so I had to go back and get her, just in time to miss the bullets coming through the walls and destroying her apartment. I checked doors on different floors until I found one that was unlocked, then pushed the woman inside and locked the door behind us. A scruffy student was asleep in his bed in the one room apartment, he never woke up as we bustled in. I think some soldiers found that there was no one in the apartment their helicopter had destroyed because the helicopter started hovering lower and spraying bullets into random dwellings, including the one we were in. I found myself running on a beach in the dark with two other people; we were being chased by the soldiers from the apartment block, the other runners were a little faster than me on foot so I decided to fly instead, hovering above the sand ahead of our pursuers. I hovered out over the ocean and let the soldiers run past me in the dark so I could see who they were and how many, there was only about three of them; I was going to attack them with some kind of mind blast but I woke up instead.

21-March-2005: I dreamt that I was at a public swimming pool/archaeological museum with Marcia, my fiancé; we didn’t have any clothes on and we were trying to find somewhere to hide and be together, but there were people everywhere we tried to hide. We kept coming past a big book, like the kind you sign in at a hotel, and there was always a comment about us when we looked at it – one time it said, ‘they are trying to find a secret place to be romantic together,’ then after we’d run around a bit and looked again it said, ‘good luck!’ We ran around again but this time we caught a guy writing in the book, it was Jonathan Heart from the 1970s TV show Heart to Heart.

20-March-2005: I had a dream where some of my friends had lots of different sports cars; my friend Carl had a DeLorean, like the one in the movie, Back to the Future. All my friends had their cars parked up next to each other and there seemed to be DeLorean dream imagea space next to Carl's silver DeLorean so I went to park my little sports car in the space, but I bumped into Carl’s car and scratched it a bit. I said “oops” then went back in time and decided not to park there the next time... Strangely I actually saw a DeLorean today in waking life, don't think I've ever seen one before.

19-March-2005: I dreamt that I was with my fiancé, Marcia, in a house I’ve never seen before. There we lots of people around us, coming in and out, but they eventually all left and it was really quite. I said to Marcia, “Just think, it’s really going to be like this one day, just me and you in a house all cosy and warm.” Then we did lots of nice things that couples do…

18-March-2005: I had a dream that Sean Suckling, a guy I haven’t seen in over ten years, was sat on top of a small grassy hill. I hovered, crossed legged, around him in a circle chanting, ‘NA MIO HO RENGAI KYO’ until he made me stop. A little girl was following me around and she wanted me to continue, but I did not. We all went to a train station somewhere in London and got on a steam train, it was kind of a novelty holiday ride. The engine was at the back pushing the rest of the train in front of it, the first couple of carriages we simple flatbed trucks; I laid down on my belly right at the front of the train watching the tracks, thinking how much more fun it was to sit outside on a train than be stuck inside like everyone else. The little girl and Sean were both with me outside; we went to Paddington train station in London for a brief stop, then the train headed off towards Cornwall on a sunny afternoon. A school teacher from an Australian TV soap opera came out on our flatbed trucks from her covered carriage and was shocked that we weren’t strapped in, that there were no seatbelts for us to wear. I laughed at her modern ways, thinking how people didn’t worry about safety restraints when they made this old steam train; the teacher tutted and went back inside, taking the little girl with her – Sean also went inside. Marcia, my fiancé, appeared in the dream from then on; we had the whole open front of the train to ourselves and had lots of undisturbed fun together, out in the open, speeding along in the sunshine.

17-March-2005: I dreamt that I went to Los Angeles with my mother; I’d never been there before but she had. I was really nervous about being far away and exposed, at least I thought I was going to be but it wore off after I’d been there a few hours; my mother took me to all these stupid, boring stores that she’d been to before – she was trying to show off her knowledge of the town. We walked into a coffee shop and one of the staff was a disabled guy naked from the waste up, a waitress was using one of the steam cleaners (used for cleaning glasses) to hose down his back. My mother ignored them and helped herself to a small cup of coffee, drank it, then walked out without paying as if that is what you were supposed to do. We went to various boring stores and ended up in a burger restaurant, I thought at least I might get something to eat. An Irish guy dressed in a Saint Patrick’s Day type outfit came up to me and said he wanted a word outside, I went with him to try and introduce some excitement to the tedium; he brought a dark red, wood finish MP3 player out of a bag and said I could have it for $20. I showed him that I only had $1.30 in my pockets, the reason I was at the mercy of my mother I think, but told him that I’d be rich in a few days and I’d buy ten MP3 players from him. I think he thought I was one of those wannabe actors come to make my fortune as he laughed and walked away; I knew better though, in this dream I always became rich after a few days wherever I went. I got tired of following my mother and started to walk away, I wanted to go to Venice Beach, but my mother chased after me. Nevertheless, I was through following her around and decided to go to all the places I go to when I dream I’m in LA – like a pier that I didn’t think even existed in waking life, but wanted to follow my subconscious and see if there was anything there regardless. My mother followed me from then on, telling me to stop and slow down et cetera, until we came to the pier from my other dreams. It normally has lots of children’s rides and slot machines clanging and jingling, but it seemed closed down and abandoned; the ocean was higher than it should be, washing over the floor of the pier, I paddled in the water along the pier with my mother shouting me to come back. I saw two children halfway along the pier and went to rescue them, the ocean was getting higher and would soon wash them away. They were twin boys, I picked them up and carried them all the way back to the main street; I got a cell phone from my pocket and called 911, telling them about the rising ocean, the twins I’d rescued and that we were on Hollywood Boulevard – the children needed medical assistance for hypothermia. An ambulance came and the children were okay after a bit of warming up with blankets; a very pleased woman came to thank me for saving her twins, she said I could have £10,000 dollars or a share in her hairstyle studio business. I told her I know nothing about hair, so I may as well go for the former.

16-March-2005: I had a dream that I was on holiday or something with my brother and I was telling him how he was always breaking stuff, sometimes expensive stuff, because he was so violent with them. He said I was talking rubbish, so I listed about ten things like stereos, cars, and ornaments and such that I remember him breaking. He said that I was the only one who ever mentioned it and I said his friends probably think about it all the time, but he has such a short temper that they are too afraid to say anything.

15-March-2005: I dreamt that I was walking through Fulford village in York, England, showing my mother the buildings whose roofs I often jump and fly across in other dreams; and thinking how wonderful it would be to actually live in one of those houses.

14-March-2005: I dreamt that I was sitting on some stone steps in front of a huge mansion house with my friends, we were at a posh party – whose I do not know. Masayo, my ex-wife, showed up behaving really stupidly (she was drunk) and came along and sat this guy in a chair like he was a prize catch of a boyfriend. It was my nearly-always-drunken friend Dave, he was too drunk to know what was going on. Masayo was being really snobby about everything, though I can’t remember many specifics, and my friend Jenny kept muttering, ‘bitch’ under her breath. In fact everyone was giggling at Masayo because, as well as drunken Dave, she had this guy with her that kept saying things in Latin and acting like he was really cool – Masayo thought everyone should be really impressed that she would know someone like him when, in reality, everyone thought he was an upper-class twit and made little effort to disguise the fact. A French guy that was with us kept worshiping at the Latin speaker’s feet like he was a God, in obvious mockery, but Masayo and the Latin guy thought he was genuine. I felt slightly sorry for Masayo when some of the people were muttering really horrible things about her, but only very slightly as she wasn’t been very nice. I wanted to explain to her how well my life was going right now, but I didn’t think it was worth bothering with as she was too drunk, and I didn’t want to sound like her.

13-March-2005: I was dreaming about my childhood school days and found myself walking across a playing field with Christopher Sharp who I went to high school with, and Che Sanderson who I met when I’d nearly finished high school. There was this little guy following us, he was surrounded by bees like they were his friends; the bees kept chasing either Che or Chris whenever they tried to shoo the little guy away. He never really bothered me that much, so I ignored the little guy until he hit me on the head, then I hit him on the head too. He used a really obvious sleight-of-hand trick and produced a dead bee as if it had been in his hair and I’d squashed it then said, ‘Did you kill my most angry of bees?’ then all his bees chased the three of us down an alley. We ran all the way to a newspaper shop and went inside, I asked Chris if he remembered David Self from when we were eight years old; he said he had not until I explained that his family used to own and live in the newspaper shop we were in and we went to a birthday party there once.

12-March-2005: I had a dream that was set in my friend’s, Neil's, house which actually used to be my house and now belongs to someone else. We were all in the back garden, some of my friends were playing cricket with children; one of the children showed me her new jacket, she was very impressed by the way the hood was removable. My friend Pete was taking a turn batting, he’s usually such an idiot and I was expecting him to hit the ball really hard into someone else’s garden like he was playing with adults, completely oblivious to the fact that it was a children’s game – but instead he just tapped the ball so one of the kids could catch it easily. Later a girl called Katherine showed up, she had been given a lift by this guy called Tommy who I’d lent a book to in 1991; he never gave me it back, as he drove off I called out jokingly, ‘ hey! He’s still got my copy of the Colour of Magic!’ and some people laughed. After that we all ended up in Neil’s actual present day house, there was a firework, called a Catherine-Wheel, smouldering in the back yard, it had been doing that for four months. We were having a kind of party, Marcia my Fiancé was with me, and Neil brought the smouldering firework into the house to show everyone how amazing it was to be still smoking after all this time. The living room filled up with smoke so Marcia and I went into the kitchen and sat at the dining table to wait for the smoke to go away. This is the first time I've dreamt of Neil in his actual house, even though he's lived there for four years or so, rather than my old house.

11-March-2005: I dreamt that I was in a furniture store in Brighton in the south of England, I used to live there about eight years ago; a girl called Lisa that lives across the street where I live now in York was underneath a table looking up. I asked her what she was doing there but she didn’t answer and I lost interest… I went to the old house that I used to live in and found that it had all been altered inside so it was lots of little flats/apartments, I told a girl how the hallway used to be my kitchen.

10-March-2005: In waking life I was expecting some people coming to my home with a piano, before they got here early in the morning I was dreaming about them. I dreamt that they were all gypsies, not the Romany type but the criminal thieving type you often get in parts of Britain. They were eyeing up all my stuff, figuring what it was worth, then when they finally got the piano inside they tried to charge me 4x what they originally agreed. It was a relief when the real people showed up when I was awake, they were quite nice people.

9-March-2005: I was dreaming that I’d sort of been in an odd relationship with this girl called Flick, I’d see her for a few days then she’d disappear for months or years, only to call me again and say she was coming over from wherever as if she popped around all the time. In the dream, as in waking life, I’d met Marcia my fiancé over a year ago and she was coming to see me from New Zealand (don’t know why she was in New Zealand) and we were going to get married. I’d forgotten all about Flick, I didn’t remember anything about her and her infrequent visits until she phoned me and said she was coming to see me. I was all worried that I was supposed to be getting married and I’d been going out with this strange girl all along but had forgotten about her. I was going to tell her that it was crazy to be in a relationship where I don’t even remember who she is, and that I’m marrying Marcia anyway so it was over, what little of it there was to be over. I was very pleased to wake up and realize that Flick didn’t exist.

8-March-2005: I dreamt that I was with my fiancé Marcia at a warehouse where all my old art college friends were working on a stage set or something (that’s what most of them do in waking life), Avril my old tutor was there too and she was very excited about meeting Marcia. Marcia and I went for a little helicopter ride then came back to the studio/stage set with a build-your-own Apache Gunship helicopter kit in a canvas bag. We put it together, helping each other as we went then decided we should paint it when we finished so people wouldn’t think it was a military helicopter when we flew around in it, we were thinking of painting it pink, or yellow like a New York taxi – I wondered if we’d still run into trouble because our helicopter would still look like an Apache Gunship on radars.

7-March-2005: I had a dream where I went to a computer store looking for a used copy of the computer game, Half Life. I bought the game for half the price it cost brand new and took it home to play it; I didn’t remember installing it on my computer or even turning my computer on, but the next thing I knew I was actually inside the game – running around very detailed maps that were just like real life and meeting my friends, Neil was crouched down in a hiding place waiting to shoot someone on the other team; I saw a guy called Barry I haven’t seen in ten years, he had a Magnum and said I could use it because I didn’t have a weapon. The maps were so huge they had bus stops where you could wait for a bus to come along then get a ride to the other end of town; I got on a bus and found Neil again sitting on the top deck, I went and sat with him and said, ‘This game is great, you can tell it’s not real though because we are going just a little bit too fast for a normal bus journey.’ We were doing about 60 miles per hour, then we crashed into a house because the guy driving the bus was a new player.

6-March-2005: I dreamt that I was in London and I went into a private club, I was a member of the place but I could remember being there before. It was supposedly an American themed club but it looked like a typical British, London private bar with posh couches and chairs. There was a large area filled with alternating British style and American style pool tables. I had a little electric hand-held fan that wasn’t working because the batteries had died; someone next to me leaned over the bar and stole some new batteries and put them in my fan then gave me a wink. The last thing I can remember is a huge cinema screen being revealed as some curtains drew back and I asked what movie they were going to show, the barman replied that it was a local band. I wondered what Marcia (being American) would make of it; she was on her way to meet me there.

5-March-2005: I dreamt that I was the captain of a 17th Century warship that had been transported forward in time to modern day Australia; the two remaining crew of the ship were pirates and they had tied me up for months until I slowly won their confidence and appeared to accept them as my superiors. I was all skin and bones when they first untied me, they had been underfeeding me so I wouldn’t rebel, before they’d taken over my ship I was a well muscled black man. I slowly became friendlier with them and gradually started calling them ‘sir’ less and less, and increasing my food intake and exercise over months and months. It slowly dawned on them as we sailed into Sydney Harbour that I was giving them orders, and had been giving them orders for a few weeks now; I had grown strong and confident again, so gradually that it took them by surprise. The lead pirate tried to put me in my place again but it was too late, we had a fight and I killed him. The remaining pirate had bought a modern day silver Desert Eagle pistol from a local gangster and managed to keep me in check with it for a few days, until I got totally sick of him and told him to just shoot me – I knew by then that I was more than a black 17th Century sea captain, I knew I had other powers that were half remembered from other dreams; I made my skin bullet repellent and angered the guy into shooting me until all his bullets were spent, took the gun away from him and threw it over the gunwale into the water. The only weapon left on the ship was an antique sword, my enemy went for it but I got there first and flung that into the water too – at this exact moment a ghost appeared on the ship and started attacking the pirate, he said he’d been under a curse that could only be lifted when there were no more weapons on the old galleon.

4-March-2005: I had a dream that a man told me that a woman called Sharon wanted to marry me; when I said that I could not because I was already going to be married he told me that I misunderstood, the woman called Sharon wanted to marry me and Marcia, my fiancé, she was a female cleric. Later I was laughing and laughing at some silly joke and a friend called Jenny kept coming up to me to see what I was laughing so much about, she wanted to laugh a lot too – I went into the back yard with Jenny and found her boyfriend there too, I had a long piece of washing line rope and stretched it out till it turned into a German sausage. I broke a bit off the sausage and pitched it down the yard like a baseball, Neil (Jenny’s boyfriend) caught it then asked me what it was, I told him it was a piece of poo and he believed me and dropped it, we all laughed at this.

Later I had an out of body experience and went to see Tilly, my mum’s dog, who was staying in the next room. Tilly could tell I was there looking at her, but when I sort of stroked her with my ghostly hands she wagged her tail. I fell into a lucid dream where I was in a park with a big square lake somewhere in California. There were some hippy girls stealing berries from the park’s trees on a hillside, I touched one of their backsides to see what would happen; she told me to stop it but I said it didn’t matter because I knew I was dreaming, to which she replied, ‘fair enough, do what you like.’ We all heard a large roaring engine and thought it was the park ranger searching for berry thieves, we all dived behind bushes, but it turned out to be a high-powered hover-speed-boat shooting along the side of the lake on the grass – it did a u-turn and shot off across the water. After that I tried asking people where we were so I could go and see if there was such a place when I woke up, they all kept saying stuff like ‘in a park,’ which didn’t help at all. The dream switched to my bedroom before I found out the location of the park; there was a group of people I don’t know all sitting around my bed, a girl lit up a bong and started smoking it then passing it around; I said I didn’t want any because I had to wake up soon to answer a phone call from Marcia.

As I was waking up the words of a silly song scrolled past my vision like the end credits to a movie, and a male voice sang them in the style of the 1920s Charleston era, it went something like this:

Some people live in Montreal, Some people live in Tokyo Zazen; Some people live in Singapooo, But I want to live here with me and you…

3-March-2005: I dreamt I was in the middle of a war in Yugoslavia, it was total chaos with troops being transported to the front lines and tanks everywhere; the craziest part though was a new wartime trend that had developed, a kind of battle tourism – about half of the people there weren’t involved in the fighting, they’d just turned up to watch, there was a mix of people armed with rifles and people armed with video cameras. I was with Maja, an old friend from Yugoslavia, and we were looking for her brother somewhere in the fighting. It was too difficult to see so I got the Mothership to come down and pick us up; when it arrived it had hardly bothered with a disguise at all, it looked just like a normal flying saucer apart from it was painted in browns and greens – army camouflage details. We all piled inside, a few people looked at us in awe thinking we had a new type of weapon to win the war; in fact a little boy (may have been me) inside the ship took to strafing some of the trucks along the road as we lifted off. I started putting Nikola’s (Maja’s brother) details into the computer for us to begin searching but I woke up before we got started.

2-March-2005: I was on a plane flying from Spain to England with loads of children, my mother and Marcia, Marcia is my fiancé but we were already married in the dream. The plane cabin looked just like the living room in the house where I grew up, I could even go into the kitchen and get stuff out of the refrigerator. I got a weird kind of child’s balloon that had to be kept in the freezer, it had two big holes in it that didn’t prevent it from being blown up – instead of blowing though you twisted it around and it expanded, when it could expand no more you let it go and the holes made a whistling dive bomber sound as it flew down the inside of the plane – one of the children was scared of me up to that point, after the balloon launch she thought I was really funny, she wanted me to do it again but I couldn’t because there were no more balloons left and they only worked once, they were ripped after that. Instead I found here a rubber stamp and some purple ink and showed her how to print patterns on paper. Marcia was really tired later, and suffering a bit from women’s troubles, we sat in the same seat together; my mother tried to get her to lay down on a long couch, Marcia didn’t want to disagree with my mother but she also wanted to stay in the seat where she was, she was too tired to speak though so I intervened and said ‘Marcia wants to stay here with me, don’t you Sweety?’ And Marcia nodded, smiled and snuggled closer.

1-March-2005: I had a dream set in Manchester airport in England, I was staying at a hotel there, not sure if I was supposed to be getting a flight myself or if I was waiting for someone to arrive. I got bored of waiting at the hotel and decided to go and explore, it seemed that lots of other people had spontaneously decided to do the same as there were hundreds of us cramming through an underground walkway that went beneath a street between the hotel and the airport. On the other side of the tunnel there was a huge stairwell that ran upward to the terminals, the stairs were jam-packed with people and I squeezed my way up to the top. The top of the stairs didn’t quite reach the airport though, the had to get in a lift/elevator the rest of the way to the top; I didn’t want to get in the lift because of my claustrophobia so I had to squeeze my way back down past all the people to the bottom of the stairs, my friend Dave was in the queue going up and he laughed at me as I squeezed past.