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30-June-2007: I had a dream that Cylons, from the TV series Battlestar Galactica, had invaded the Earth and were lording over us all in an Orwellian fashion, dictating how we should live and feel. A group of us were escaping, very slowly, to the mountains on bicycles. We had to keep stopping and hiding in large drainage tunnels and disused factory buildings to avoid patrols and brainwashed people who would report us to the Cylons.

29-June-2007: I had a dream about an odd hotel where the lift/elevator only started from the second floor, so after checking in you had to climb the stairs for two floors before you could get in the lift. When I was on my way up the stairs an old lady poked me in the eye and asked me what type of contact lenses I was wearing.

28-June-2007: I had a dream that a guy from my childhood school, Jason Carlton, was waiting for me to go with him somewhere. Meanwhile I was waiting for my mother and stepdad to get me my granddad's coat for me to wear, and a train ticket.

27-June-2007: I had a dream about drinking and buying beer in unusual places. I was in a queue at a carpet store, waiting to pay for a carpet, and the people in front of me were buying a massive box full of beer.

26-June-2007: I had a dream that I was skipping work and I went to see a friend, Dave Smiley, at a convention or something where all my work colleagues were also having a meeting. I was talking to Dave but had to keep ducking behind walls and tables every time I saw someone from work. Rachel, an ex-employee where I work, spotted me and was really upset that I skipped her meeting and threw an envelope at me that contained £12's worth of shares in the company.

25-June-2007: I had a dream that I wanted to fly a microlight, a sort of hang glider that has an engine that you sit in. There was a big three-seater version and I lied to the owner about knowing how to operate it. I got onboard with two friends and managed to get the thing into the air, after they laughed at me for fumbling with the controls and pressing all the wrong buttons and switches. This microlight, unlike its waking life counterpart, did not have an engine but required me to tie a bird to a bit of string and let it fly out front pulling us along.

24-June-2007: I had a dream that I was on the starship Enterprise, from the TV series Star Trek - The Next Generation, and I was walking through all the walls after I discovered they were only made of paper.

23-June-2007: I had a dream that I was a woman and telling a group of people how much I love the Danube river as it flows through Hungary. Then I went skimming across the water of the Danube, getting my feet wet a bit, and joking about how I'd recently seen a Yeti, after which I analyzed the water of the Danube with a submersible probe dangling from a cable.

22-June-2007: I had a dream that I was on an army base airfield and our own planes were flying overhead, dropping bombs on their own airfield, and us, by mistake.

21-June-2007: I had a dream that I was standing on a sloping seawall with Marcia, my wife, waiting for the waves to come high enough to splash us.

20-June-2007: I had a dream that Maja, my friend and first wife, called on the phone while I was caring for an autistic boy I see in waking life every week. Maja was trying to tell me about a new business she's starting but I couldn't concentrate very well because I needed to go to the toilet, so I let Maja talk to the boy while I went to take a leak. When I got back the boy had my wallet in his hands and he was reading the numbers off my credit card to Maja on the telephone - she was trying to make a bank transaction to put money into her new business.

19-June-2007: I had a dream that I was in the attic of a yellow plastic building. The attic had items from a children's playground up there, slides etc. I went on the slide and got wet at the bottom where it was flooded, then met a girl called Louise Lunn who I haven't seen in waking life since 1986. As I talked to Louise I noticed that there were lots of bits and bobs lying around that were owned by my friend, Carl Sanderson, and there was a model dragon that I'd apparently made years ago at art college.

18-June-2007: In waking life I visit an autistic child once a week for two hours. In last night's dream he was really upset when I got there so I gave him a big hug, then his mother said she wanted me to take him out for seven hours instead of the usual two.

17-June-2007: There is a TV comedy show in the UK called Peepshow, where you see all the action as if you were looking through everyone eyes, with no external camera shots. In last night's dream I was the main character from Peepshow, a sort of anal-retentive geek, on vacation in France. I walked into a French souvenir store and Jackie Cusack, one of my waking life work colleagues, was working at the counter. She was apparently on a break too but couldn't handle relaxing so had got herself a job at the same time. I asked her to drop everything and run away with me for a proper vacation in Rotterdam, which she agreed to do. After this I changed into my real self and the Peepshow guy was a third person in the dream. Jackie and I were wanting to go to the train station and head off to Rotterdam, but we couldn't go without the Peepshow guy because he was our friend. Unfortunately the Peepshow guy couldn't move, his feet were acting like they were glued to the floor and his legs wouldn't work because he was grieving over someone or something.

16-June-2007: I had a dream that I was staying at a country hotel with a friend called Neil Kay. I got a bit drunk on wine (I haven't drank alcohol in nearly a year in waking life and I'm kind of worried what I will feel like if I do) then fell asleep. When I woke up, within the dream, I was kind of surprised that I felt okay and didn't have a hangover.

15-June-2007: In the UK there is a TV soap opera called Hollyoaks, with a nasty man called Warren as one of the main characters. In last night's dream Warren was in prison and I was in there with him. I wasn't too bothered that I was there because it I was good that Warren, a murderer, was also there and in a different cell. Unfortunately there was a prison riot, that I later discovered Warren had planned all along, and Warren escaped. The guards and police were looking everywhere for him, outside the prison, but I knew he would be inside somewhere, hiding in the roof or something, so I spent the rest of my dream trying to track him down, which meant the both of us were missing and been searched for by the authorities.

14-June-2007: I had a dream that I was playing the guitar with two friends, Steve Lockie-Bloore and Neil Kay.

13-June-2007: In waking life a friend called Nathan Wood moved away last year and I haven't seen him since. In last night's dream I found myself at a flat that he and his family were living in. I think in waking life they actually live in a house, but in this dream they were in a large flat/apartment in a big high-rise building. When I called around Eyvone, Nathan's mother, answered the door and let me in. We were chatting for aged on some stairs and other members of Nathan's family kept coming and going, saying hello and goodbye to Yvonne without looking and without noticing that I was there, which we both found rather amusing.

12-June-2007: I had a dream that I was with Marcia in Brighton, on the south coast of England, in a alternate reality where the seafront is all tall cliffs and rugged coast, not at all like the waking life version. We found a pizza restaurant that was open at 9:30 in the morning, which I thought was really odd, and went inside to find a man and a woman firing up the pizza oven enthusiastically. The woman was really pleased to get customers so early in the day and wanted to test all her new pizza recipes out on us, ordering the guy to make more and more pizza for us all the time. It was like wine tasting, where you only try a sip, and we kept having bites of different pizzas, only we didn't spit them out of course.

11-June-2007: I had a dream that I was naked in a farmhouse backyard. Two tornadoes were heading for the house from across a distant field and I was struggling like crazy to get the house keys out of my tight jeans' that were on the ground so I could go inside the house and get my camera to take a picture of the tornadoes. I wasn't afraid of the tornadoes at all, but was worried that they might pass by before I could get my camera working. I did get the camera to work and took lots of pictures as they approached, then leaped into the air as they swirled overhead and let them sweep me along across the fields at a thrilling speed.

10-June-2007: In waking life I have a friend called Paul who is paraplegic and I often dream of him walking around and talking, both of which he is unable to do. In last night's dream he was walking around the platforms of York train station, near where we live, and saying he wanted to go to Scarborough. I was reluctant to go to Scarborough myself but pointed out that he was attempting to get on the wrong train. Paul muttered something then walked across the tacks and climbed up onto the opposite platform and boarded the train to Scarborough. Just before the train was going to leave I got on it too, knowing that I couldn't leave Paul on the train by himself - thinking of him more as he is in waking life than walking and talking like he was in the dream. When Paul saw me sit down he came and joined me, he was a bit unhappy that I had been about to let him go to Scarborough on his own, but couldn't help being happy that I had gotten on the train after all. A teenage girl, 17 or 18, stuck her head up over the seat in front of us to look at me and I told her she was beautiful. After that the train opened up and changed into a huge lily pond next to a medieval building with the young girl swimming naked in it. I woke up wondering if it would have been ok for me to go swimming with her.

9-June-2007: I had a dream that the Earth was being invaded by tripod aliens, like the ones from War of the World or the Half Life 2 computer game, and I was firing rocket launchers at them when they weren't looking, then ducking inside buildings. The Cylons, from the original TV sci fi series Battlestar Galactica, also played some part in the dream - at one point I managed to steal one of their space ships and use it against the tripods.

8-June-2007: I had a dream that a guy called John Adams, someone I went to school with in waking life, was helping me make a website.

7-June-2007: I had a dream that everyone seemed to have forgotten my birthday, even though it was months ago in waking life, but Marcia said that there was a card from Brian, my stepfather who never really loved me and whom I haven't seen in over ten years. My mother hinted that there might be a special message inside, like he'd written something heartfelt and personal, but when I opened the card all it had inside was a standard Hallmark, made by robots, birthday wish - pre-printed drivel.

6-June-2007: I had a dream that I saw an engineer trying to fix the motor on an electric high-speed train, I was some kind of supervisor in charge of a railway company. There was something wrong with the bit on top of the train that connects with the overhead wires, I went to investigate and the engineer was a bit put out that I was interrupting him, but was surprised when I called the thing a pantagraph - the proper name for the device that transfers electrical current from the overhead wires to the train - and let me examine it. I had a handheld machine with me that scans mechanical and electrical objects, normally associated with the Mothership , and used it to scan into the future and see what the pantagragh would look like in its most modern incarnation before it was replaced by some other technology, then made the scanner replace it with that. After this the train ran more efficiently than ever before.

5-June-2007: I dreamed about going on a train to Liverpool in England, though now I think about it the journey was more in the direction of Newcastle or Edinburgh. There was some real waking life friends with me, a couple of people from an Australian TV soap opera, and one guy from my childhood school called Steven Murden. One of the soap opera people, a man with dark hair whose name I forget, was frustrated that we couldn't check into a posh hotel, decorated in gold, when we arrived at Liverpool. After this it was time to go to a rock concert, which had been our reason for going to Liverpool in the first place, and we had to go and get a bus to the venue. I was surprised that we had to get a bus, thinking the concert was actually in the city of Liverpool somewhere within walking distance of the train station, it isn't a very large city, then uncomfortable because it turned out the concert was in Ripon which is absolutely miles away from Liverpool, closer to where we set off from in the first place in fact. On the bus I became more and more uncomfortable the farther away from Liverpool city centre we drove, until I couldn't stand it any longer and got off the bus and decided I didn't want to go to the concert after all. I spotted a toy and craft museum across the street and decided to go there instead, as I crossed the street to go inside Steven Murden joined me - he had seen how uncomfortable I'd been on the bus and got off just after me to keep me company. In waking life, from what I remember of him, he was a simple guy with slight learning difficulties that was quite open and caring - this is how he was in the dream so I wasn't too surprised that he had gotten off the bus with me, and my "friends" had stayed onboard to go to the concert. However, I was wrong about my friends because after about fifteen minutes they all showed up in the museum to be with me instead of the concert.

4-June-2007: I had a dream that I went to a kung fu class and a visiting demonstrator had brought a primitive robot with them, like a moving box, that was for the students to kick the crap out of. The robot moved slowly around the gym as people took it in turns kicking it. Afterwards the demonstrator opened up the front of the machine to reveal complicated instruments, a little like earthquake measuring devices, which calculated the strength of each person's kick. The machine was also vending copies of a kung fu instruction manual written by someone called Suzanne Hart.

3-June-2007: I had a dream that I was in Brighton, where I used to live on the south coast of England, going from one car sales company to the next looking at these new type of electric scooters that were made by Mini, the car manufacturer. I didn't really fancy any of them but one salesman convinced me to buy a badge for £4 instead, which later tore in half when I tried to wear it.

2-June-2007: I had a dream that I was waiting for Marcia next a river in a place called Stamford Bridge, an old Viking battle location 8 miles outside York where we live, watching some peasants swimming. I actually thought of them as peasants in the dream, not the traditional type of medieval peasant but more a derogatory name for stupid people, similar to trailer-trash. I was being all aloof and reading a book while these people splashed about in the water, getting the feeling that they thought I was a bit of a snob for reading a book, which I guess they were kind of right about seeing as I thought of them as peasants. Anyway I decided to get up and leave but two of the kids from the river started kicking a soccer ball near me, deliberately bouncing it off the wall in front and behind me as I walked along - thinking I was too aloof to say anything about it. Eventually the ball hit me so I grabbed it and kicked the thing as hard as I could across a field, in a sort of break with tradition where you're normally expected to kick the ball back to the kids playing with it. The kids shouted abuse at me but I told them to fuck off, so they ran away to get their parent to come and beat me up, but I ran off to meet Marcia and drove away in our car before that could happen.

1-June-2007: I had a dream that Marcia, my wife, was saying that she's decided to have a lot more sex with me and my friend Neil, the latter because Neil needed cheering up a bit (only in this dream). Neil's girlfriend (again only in this dream, someone I never met in waking life) said that she might have something to say about that (Marcia's plan) and I said that I might have something to say about it too. I argued with Marcia and shouted at her, she walked off and I lost her down a street called Danum Road, near where I grew up in waking life, and started to try to find her but soon realised the whole concept of the dream was plain silly, i.e. I became lucid, and decided to dream about something else instead.