Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

31-July-2009: I dreamed that I was in a very green country and experienced an unusually long earthquake. I met a group of survivors from a nearby town and we walked together across a verdant pasture, uphill towards an old railway. We found an old temple underneath a viaduct and decided to stay there to keep warm.

30-July-2009: I had a dream I was in a remote area of Eastern Europe. I met a family in a small house and instantly learned their language by listening to them speak a few words, then told them how I learned it so fast in their own language. In most of my dreams these days I can start speaking any language just by hearing a snippet of a sentence. I wished I could remember the explanation for how I do this when I woke up.

29-July-2009: I had a dream that I walked for many miles with an old friend, who I haven't seen in 20 years, called Fred Peebles and wondered how we were going to get home.

28-July-2009: I dreamed that I climbed to the top of a hill in a rainstorm to avoid getting caught in a mudslide.

27-July-2009: I had a dream that I was with my mother, Bill (my brother-in-law) and a disabled boy in a yellow taxi in America. We went to an English-looking village that had a fish and chip shop.

26-July-2009: I dreamt that I held a silver pendent, that was dropped  at a murder scene, to telepathically see who the killer was. My telepathic image was of a young Chinese guy who lived in Fulford near where I grew up in York.

25-July-2009: I had a dream that I walked into a biology exam and made everyone laugh by deliberately taking ages to find a seat. I told the teacher that I wasn't fussed about the exam because it was so easy.

24-July-2009: I had a dream that I gave some guy a personal EMP shield (an invention of mine in dreams) so he could walk through a massive waterfall without getting wet.

23-July-2009: I had a dream that I was chatting with friends so much during an English exam that I forgot to answer any questions.

22-July-2009: I had a dream that I was in Eastern Europe with my friend Maja. She was a bit jealous because I was talking to a very successful female architect (Maja is an interior designer)who was showing me samples of stone she was thinking of using on her next project.

21-July-2009: I dreamed I was living underground with thousands of other people avoiding an oppressive government.

20-July-2009: I had a dream that a British TV presenter called Jeremy Clarkson was sitting downstairs in my living room watching rally car championships on my television. Someone had left a window open and the house was being overwhelmed by pigeons and other birds. Later my friend Neil came around and watched TV with Jeremy.

19-July-2009: In reality Telford is a fairly insignificant new town in western England, in last night's dream though it was an international hub with a huge airport. I was on my way the Telford on the train to get a plane to Germany to attend a conference. My friend Angelika, an Austrian, got on the train at one of the airport terminal stations after flying back to England from Canada. I talked with Angelika and a girl sitting next to me about talking to people.

18-July-2009: I had a dream that I gave a bunch of kids a lift to Australia in the Mothership. While the kids looked around Melbourne I did some crazy missile experiments with the Mothership disguised as an ice-cream truck. I fired some dummy missiles into the sky and Australian Special Forces showed up to surround my ice-cream truck. I covered the whole area in dust as I disappeared into the air.

17-July-2009: I had a dream that I was flying over Yorkshire, England, in a bus.

16-July-2009: I dreamed that Yoda was supposed to be teaching me but he couldn't decide where to start my lessons.

15-July-2009: I had a dream I was riding a bicycle along a line of people walking on a path after disembarking from the Mayflower in America. I rode on ahead and found a screw propeller from a more modern ship that another time traveller must have dropped. I tried to explain the implications of finding the prop to my mother, who was from the time of the Mayflower, but she found it difficult to understand.

14-July-2009: I dreamed that I was carrying out defence system testing at a military base by using different attack patterns. I found an unexpected (to the base commander) vulnerability when I used a line-jumper to enter the compound. A line-jumper is a vehicle that hasn't been invented yet, a kind of troop transporter shaped like a shipping container that flies straight up into the air for about 3 miles, moves forward over enemy lines, then shoots straight back down again to let the troops out.

13-July-2009: I had a dream that I went to meet my friend Neil Kay on Ouse Bridge in York, where I live. The bridge was a rendezvous point for a party. A car was coming to pick people up for the party, even though it was only down the street. Neil told me the car wouldn't fit all the people inside who were waiting on the bridge then, when a girl arrived with the car, he told me I couldn't get in the car either. However, it didn't really matter because the car moved so slowly that the people on the bridge simply walked behind it to the party. When we arrived I walked into the house and found Neil. The party was really quiet and empty because Neil had locked the door after I came in.

12-July-2009: I dreamed that I was a bionic secret agent and I infiltrated a gang of homeless-looking people who were making bombs from semtex they'd moulded in a microwave oven and sending them to Eastern Europe.

11-July-2009: I had a dream that I met two really funny guys in London and went to the pub with them.

10-July-2009: I dreamed I was with a team of people exploring some ancient ruins on a cliff-top on an alien planet. Inside I found some stone-coloured mechanical armour that you climb inside and operate like a machine. I got in the armour and walked around the cliff-top in it. After a while some natives arrived in canoes at a beach below us. I got out of the armour and we all went into our spaceship to get changed into posh ambassador suits, then ran down to meet the natives. The people were very primitive and friendly, and they had these very fluffy, two-headed dogs that could talk.

9-July-2009: I had a dream that part of London was flooding and thousands of people were digging and constructing a barricade, until I told them to stop because they were making the flooding worse.

8-July-2009: I dreamt that I went to a Freshers' party with my friend Ché Sanderson. After the party we flew away in a space ship to another world where we found some unusual burgers.

7-July-2009: I had a dream that I saw my brother in the snow on Lendal Bridge in York where we live. I had a feeling that he was upset about me running away with Miranda, in last night's dream, and away from his dad who was my stepdad.

6-July-2009: I dreamed that a character called Miranda from an Australian soap opera called Neighbours was my mother and I set off around the world with her. Miranda was leaving her husband who was a bit of a jealous idiot, like my real life step dad, who sent Special Forces troops after us to try and stop us getting away.

5-July-2009: I was dreaming about flying over the River Ouse, near Skeldergate Bridge in York where I live. For as long as I can remember I've been dreaming about this same spot in York, next to and under Skeldergate Bridge.

4-July-2009: I had a dream that I went to my writing group but forgot to take my story with me. Also there were two Angelikas, one of the group in waking life.

3-July-2009: I had a dream that I was Spiderman and a demon wanted my costume so it could pretend to be me.

2-July-2009: I had a dream that I was bare fist knuckle fighting with a childhood friend called Sean Easton.

1-July-2009: I had a dream that my friend Jenny Sharp reversed her car into a green Rolls Royce wedding car.