Dreaming LifeDreaming Life

31-January-2005: I was in a dream where a group of us were hanging around a train station next to a lake in Australia, a small child that was with us had gone missing and we were all out searching for him. I heard him calling from the middle of the lake so I levitated and hovered across the water – I shouted his name over and over then saw him clinging to a willow branch, someone else had seen him too and swam out to him before I could get there, the boy said they’d have found him sooner if I hadn’t been shouting so much.

30-January-2005: I dreamt I was in a blue and white house by the ocean; the house belonged to a woman and her family and I was asking her how it felt to live so close to the water during bad weather, she said she had to pretty much stay indoors and wait for big storms to blow over. As she was talking a huge wave went right over the house and I thought, screw this, and leapt out of a window at the back of the house and left her to it, running to a specially designed tsunami shelter with the rest of the local residents.

29-January-2005: I had a dream that I kept finding holes in the floor where I live, mostly because I’m going to rip up the carpets in waking life and varnish the floors, and I wondered how I was going to fill them all with the little tub of PVA glue I had when I noticed a huge hole in the ceiling too. I got my landlord to look at them but he didn’t seem concerned, someone else suggested I report him but I was afraid to; I wondered what Marcia (my fiancé) would do if she were here.

28-January-2005: I had a dream that I was in Sheffield, England, testing the horse power of low cc motorcycles, then I went for a ride on a bicycle and accidentally found myself on a busy three lane highway – I went up an off-ramp onto a dirt track hoping to get back into Sheffield, the track seemed long and disappeared over a hill so I had a rest and read a magazine article about a strange kind of martial art. When I finished reading I noticed a group of people far below me in a natural bowl in the hillside, practicing the martial art I’d just been reading about. A girl came to ask if I wanted to join in but I said I wasn’t interested in Shun Wei (or something similar), which impressed her but I knew nothing of the art only five minutes ago before I read about it.

27-January-2005: I had a dream with my ex from 5 years ago, Masayo, in it; we were living in a house I’ve never seen before and it all felt really wrong, she was putting stuff on shelves like she was moving in with me and I had a feeling that I had to stop her before she got more comfortable and everything became more difficult. I made her stop and said to her, ‘I’m afraid there’s a big problem; I can’t live with you anymore, I’m in love with Marcia and I have to move on,’ I expected her to be upset but she wasn’t at all; she gave me a hug and told me that this lifetime wasn’t meant for her and myself to be together and not to worry about it… then loads of strange circus people burst into the house and started doing summersaults and juggling things… I choose to put less significance on the last bit.

26-January-2005: I dreamt I went camping at some weird place out of time, a sort of holiday camp with a jungle near the ocean. It was miles and miles away from home and I was kind of anxious being that far away, though absolutely everyone I knew and cared about was there with me – I was kind of torn between wanting to be back home where everything was familiar, and staying where I was where everyone was familiar. There was one point where two girls were talking to me and one of them suggested I get together with the pretty black girl that liked me; I said I’d like to normally, but I am in love with 1920s telephoneMarcia, which they seemed to understand and didn’t bother me about it again – though in this dream Marcia only existed in the future, in a different time. When it came to sleeping time I realized I didn’t have a tent or a sleeping bag, so I went to the camp store to buy them; the only thing they had though that seemed to fit my needs in the dream was a 1920s telephone, so I bought it and took it back to the campsite and it turned into a tent.

25-January-2005: A vague dream about being with Marcia, my fiancé, in a house on the south coast of England; I kept thinking I had to go home soon back to York and say goodbye to Marcia, I was thinking of all kinds of reasons why I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t bear the thought of going home without Marcia, even though it was only for a short time.

24-January-2005: Something about a dream where I was in a house near the sea; all the timber was saturated with seawater, there were lots of tiny rooms on obscurely non-matching levels. I wanted to get out of the house and eventually found a trapdoor at the bottom of the place that dropped me out onto shingle and pebbles, a steep slope of little stones that ran down to the sea, it was quite bleak. A childhood friend called Stewart Edwards kept walking by and shaking his head at me, he was disappointed with me for what reason I do not know; I was trying to be really nice to him so he’d like me but what I’d done was apparently unforgivable. There was another boy from my childhood called Paul Watson who’d done something bad against me in the dream, again I do not know what, but I decided to forgive him and be friends with him, he wasn’t such a bad soul. Yet another childhood friend, Richard Cass, played a kind of benevolent spirit; a true friend that stood by me no matter what – it was a very curious dream because I don’t know any of these three people any more, haven’t seen them for 20 years or more, not since we were all children.

23-January-2005: I had a dream with some bats in that kept flying from one green rock on a cave ceiling to another; I was joking with a friend that each rock represented a vote for ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and some of the bats couldn’t make up their minds; we kept saying, ‘yes’, ‘no’ as they flew from side to side.

22-January-2005: I had a dream set in the future in York, England; Marcia (my fiancé), my mother and I were riding bicycles near Blossom Street, Marcia was cycling ahead of me, going quite fast, so I took a shortcut to try and catch up with her. When I came out the other side Marcia wasn’t there; I was about to go and look for her when my mother came around the corner laughing, she told me that some people had tried to insult Marcia, expecting her to keep riding and just take it, but she stopped and used such clever arguments that the people harassing her said they were sorry and left feeling stupid. Marcia soon came along on her bicycle wearing a flowery dress in the sunshine, I smiled at her and said she’d have to tell me all about it later.

21-January-2005: I dreamt I was on patrol as a plain clothes police officer in a small town in Spain; it was night time during the summer. A hoard of female belly dancers in traditional costume were following me and accusing me of a crime, possible a murder – they didn’t realize I was a police officer and kept trying to stop me. My partner and I went into a tavern looking for soccer hooligans, we saw a likely suspect and asked him if he had any weapons; I knew that he had because I could see through his clothes with x-ray vision, he said that he hadn’t but I took the knife out from under his coat. Sean Suckling (an old school friend) was my partner, his scanning powers were greater than mine; I knew the man had another blade somewhere, I could see it in his mind, but I couldn’t figure out where it was – I asked Sean to scan him instead and he found a razorblade wrapped in cotton wool inside the man’s left ear.

20-January-2005: I was dreaming about being in a park near a children’s play area; Marcia (my fiancé) was sitting behind me and I was talking to a girl in front of me; I was talking to the girl in front of me and thinking she was quite nice, feeling a bit guilty about feeling that way. I was wishing that Marcia wasn’t so quiet and cagey about her feelings, that she would be open and honest with me – then I realised that Marcia is like that in waking life and that my dream was mixing her up with my ex from years ago, so I turned around and walked away with Marcia all smiles and holding hands.

19-January-2005: I dreamt that I was part of a gang of righteous Vulcan-like humanoids being chased on a planetoid or large moon somewhere out in deep space; we were being chased by an uncouth bunch of ork-like creatures that were driving huge mechanical diggers to uncover us from our hiding places in caves and crater overhangs. We went into an underground complex and I met a general from a human army, he was surprised that we hadn’t been captured but I told him that being captured was impossible, for our kind never surrender; he wanted us to join his army but I woke up.

18-January-2005: I had a dream where my friend Carl kept asking me if I wanted to go fishing, he was saying that he didn’t care about catching any fish, that I could catch all the fish, he just wanted to sit by the river and practice casting his line into the water. I had lots of other dreams, one where I was in London on a roof with some rickety old wooden boats; some people were discussing the boats as if I were selling them, talking about boat parts that I didn’t understand, while Carl kept showing up to ask me if I wanted to go fishing, not that he wanted to actually catch anything – it was always a bright summer’s day.

17-January-2005: The dream was a lot like a movie, I was switching between being one of the characters and watching like it was on TV. The main character, sometimes me, was walking down a dark lane where he found a young girl that he liked, but the girl couldn’t safely get involved with anyone because her father was a rich lunatic who swept up and down the dark lane alongside his house in a helicopter gunship. I was the main character when the girl told me to hide in their porch-way as we heard the helicopter approaching; the guy spotted me anyway and landed his helicopter and came right up to me, I had to pretend I was there to see him and ended up being his slave; as it switched so I was watching I saw the crazed madman stab the main character with a pair of scissors in the shoulder and arm to see if he was brave enough not to cry out, which he did not. The main character, and myself, spent a long time locked in the big house; too ill from the stabbing to try and escape, we worked up a friendship with the madman and became his number one servant. I also became best friends with his butler who’d also been captured in a similar fashion ten years before me. We were on an outing to a liquor store in two Lamborghinis, the butler and myself in one and the madman in the other; we arrived at the store and the butler went inside to buy the masters order, when he came out I noticed he had a machine pistol under his jacket – he must have made arrangement with the store holder – I got out of the car and said, ‘You’re going to try and kill him aren’t you?’ He told me how he wasn’t really a butler, that he’d been dating his daughter and got captured by the evil rich man years ago, he only pretended to be happy so that one day he’d have the opportunity to kill him, now was the opportune time. I told him that murder wasn’t the answer, the three of us will escape together and report him to the police sometime soon. He agreed to my plan and got rid of the gun; we headed back to the car but the master shouted for me to get in his car instead, so I had to drive with the madman as he ordered the butler to speed off in the front Lamborghini while we chased him at top speed. I was pretty scared of the master’s driving and considered breaking the window and leaping out the next time we slowed down, remembering that I could always fly away in dreams.

16-January-2005: I had a dream set in a hospital, my mother was there holding a baby that was supposedly hers, only she’s 53 years old now so it’s not very likely; there was a plate of green food on a nearby table, I went to eat some but it was horrible and covered with way too much salt.

15-January-2005: I dreamt that I happened upon an underground network of actors, all trying to learn lines for a music set to hit the theatres of Europe any time, but it turned out to be a big cover-up; they were actually a secret dance troupe, specializing in contemporary movement. The troupe was lead by a strict woman who was very impressed when my fiancé, Marcia, came along and showed her some moves; she said we could go a long way with this babe (Marcia) fronting our act, Marcia replied that she would only ever dance with me, take it leave it!

14-January-2005: I was dreaming about being harassed and attacked by a vampire in Walford, a fictional area of London in a British soap opera called EastEnders. I got away and was trying to convince the police that there was a vampire in the back room of the Queen Victoria pub, the police were sitting in the bar of the same pub. They heard a banging where I said the vampire was holding people hostage and decided they’d go and check out what I was talking about, not believing there was a vampire of course. About six policemen surrounded the vampire and asked him to let the hostages go, the vampire moved beyond the speed of perception and the six policemen were dead on the floor. The rest of the people turned their backs on the vampire, reducing his power by not being able to see him; the vampire agreed that he could not kill them this way but demonstrated that he could still hurt them by manipulating a tiny spot behind their left ear.

13-January-2005: I had lots of kinky dreams, I must be missing my fiancé; there was one dream where I was talking to Nicola from a room above mine and she was showing me around her place and taking her clothes off, she had an old dog on her bed that could answer the telephone and grunt, ‘ring back in ten minutes,’ which made me go, ‘awww,’ and stroke him. Nicola and I started getting amorous together which is really strange because I never thought of her that way before; I kept wondering what would be acceptable with my fiancé, would she mind if I was doing this? I decided to stop because I didn’t want to do it, it wasn’t acceptable and I realised I was just dreaming and thinking about this stuff because my fiancé isn’t around right now; in the dream I even made Nicola look more like my sweetheart so I would feel better, but that didn’t work either. Later I met two girls in a camper van/RV and one of them was Marcia (my fiancé), which was really nice, we kissed and kissed lots and went to a local garage to try and sell the camper van. A friend called Phil was working at the garage, which seemed very funny in the dream, in waking life we’d found him working in an unusual store in town, now he was here being a mechanic – in the dream he had about ten jobs and we’d apparently met him in all of them. Later we were walking along a street near a police station and my friend Dave was fondling a butterfly sexually, saying the little bug was desperate for it; then he found a kind of shopping cart with a green plastic box inside and said to another friend, ‘Quick, wrap me up in lint!’ and this other guy got some bandages out and wrapped Dave up like a mummy and put him in the green box like a big baby, Marcia was giggling like crazy at Dave being mummified. The guy put a scarf over his head to make himself look like a mother and pushed big baby Dave in the cart towards the police station to conduct some kind of elaborate prank, I woke up before I found out what it was.

12-January-2005: I had a hazy dream in which some girl had broken up with me and was going into a relationship with another girl who was using her to steal her apartment so that she could ditch her and get her future husband to move in; I was going out with someone else, my waking life fiancé, and watching the bizarre plot unfold. It ended with the user woman setting fire to my ex’s apartment so that she ran away, then a load of space aliens rushed in and put the fire out before anything was too badly damaged, then the user woman’s boyfriend came along and they moved in together and my ex (only ever seen her before in this dream) realized what had happened, but it was too late for her by then.

11-January-2005: Terry Musgrove, an old workmate from a printing shop where I worked as a teenager, appeared in my dream and we were talking about the good old days, my mum was in the room with us and I was kind of pleased to be talking with someone from such a long time ago, sort of proud that I had long-standing ties that still exist. My mum went into another room; we were in Terry’s house, to make some tea or something and I made a comment about how people don’t know how to relax anymore. Terry replied that he agreed then said something about ‘dumb Pakis and Niggers being so stupid’, he just came out with it in such a way that I was lost for words, I didn’t expect him, or anyone, to say something like that – I hoped that he wouldn’t say anything else like that when my mother came back with the tea.

10-January-2005: I had a dream that I went on a train with a friend called Dave to a little village; I’d been to the village before but only realised in this dream that it was a suburb of Sheffield in England. The train was very slow and I pointed out that it would be quicker to walk into Sheffield and get on a high-speed train, but then added that it would cost a lot more money. Something happened anyway so that I missed the right stop and ended up in a train depot at the end of the lines somewhere desolate, as did many other people on the train. Everyone was upset about being stuck out in the middle of nowhere so I decided to break with tradition and let a bunch of strangers see the Mothership; I called it down and it made itself look like a train on the tracks, so we all got on board and prepared for a luxurious journey to York. On the outside everyone would just see a normal train, but on the inside we had a luxury hotel and even a sun-drenched beach with surfing.

9-January-2005: I was dreaming that my brother was crying, saying that he wasn’t totally happy with the dream he was in but that he’d rather be in that dream than not – he was talking about his life and possibly falling out with his wife and having to leave, saying he’d rather be a bit unhappy with his life and stay in that dream than leave home and live in a dream where he couldn’t see his daughter and son whenever he liked.

8-January-2005: I had a dream I was in a town in England I’ve never seen before; I was at school again in a familiar place that I don’t know in waking life, Keith Skinner (an old schoolmate) was with me inside a supermarket, Kwik Save, and we were looking into a hole in the store’s floor near the back. The hole went down to another room that was very deep, about 100 feet, and someone wondered why no one had repaired the hole, weren’t they worried that someone would fall in? I made a joke about them not repairing faults in the store being the reason why the prices were so low, which everyone seemed to accept as they shook their heads and walked away. Later I was on my way home and I bumped into a guy called David Coats whom I also went to school with in waking life, he had a girlfriend with him, possibly a wife, which was a but of a surprise because I’d always assumed he was gay. We were walking along a wall together, the three of us, and the girl asked me if I’d bought a scratch and sniff card yet – it was a kind of lottery ticket that you scratched the surface off of then smelt it to see if you’d won, I said I had not bought one and we all started singing a song about wearing the right boots for a good ole scratch and sniff.

7-January-2005: I dreamt I was on a world that had been invaded by orks; I was a child and the orks had been given specific instructions to capture children and save them for some nefarious purpose, the orks weren’t considered to be totally bad by everyone on the planet, many had come to accept their ways and would report seeing children to the authorities. I was held captive on a space-ship landing platform, a kind of dark, purple tall building with a flat disc on top for landing and launching spacecraft. It wasn’t that difficult to escape but no one really expected you to try because the punishments for being caught outside were far worse than the restrictive life forced upon the children held prisoner in the tower I was in; still, I escaped nonetheless. I made it outside into a sunny street and went along a row of cars checking the doors to see if any were unlocked; I got inside a Mini and used a key I often carry around in dreams to start the engine, the instructions on the gear stick were all in orkish but I managed to get the little car moving by guessing the location of the correct gears – there was only a quarter tank of fuel left and I didn’t think I’d be able to get away with filling it up at a station without being reported, so I just drove thinking I’d keep going until the car stopped then run after that…

6-January-2005: I dreamt that I was at my mother’s house telling her how much I hated it when she drank alcohol in front of me when no one else was drinking, how she embarrassed me when she did it. She kept laughing at me like I was exaggerating and I eventually got so annoyed at her that I got up and left, I picked my shoes up and walked out without putting them on to save time. My mother followed me outside to my car and said I was being silly and I turned around and pushed her, she fell into a rose bush that had no flowers on it and I told her how she used to get really really drunk when I was younger and all the bad things she did, how every time she got a little bit drunk now it reminded me of it and I couldn’t stand it. I started crying and my mother said she was sorry as I opened the door of my car; some neighbours were looking at me oddly for pushing my mother into a thorny bush and I wanted to say sorry for accidentally pushing her over when I woke up.

5-January-2005: I was dreaming that I’d planned a trip to an amusement park with two groups of people, one group was my friends and the other group was a bunch of people I work with – they were all waiting at the printing shop I used to work at when I was a teenager. When I got there Mark, my friend, was telling a Japanese guy that he no longer needed to park his (Mark’s) life in a safe harbour, that he could do anything he wants in life; only Mark looked a total mess and was talking like a cocaine addict, as if he was imparting true wisdom to the uninitiated when, in actual fact, he was talking a load of shit. I tried to tell Mark that I’d just bought a Japanese WWII submarine and that we could go and have a look at it if he liked; Mark didn’t seem to notice and carried on irritating everyone with his druggy’s soliloquy, I tried to get the Japanese guy interested instead, telling him how I owned the only working WWII submarine in existence. The man appeared not to understand me, even when I told him in Japanese; Mark was talking over the top of me mixing English with pidgin French, Japanese, German and anything else he could think of that he thought made him sound intelligent – again suffering delusions because of the drugs. I got the two groups into cars and pretended we were heading for the amusement park but made for the submarine I had docked at Hull harbour in England, hoping that seeing such a fine machine and getting involved with something real would stop Mark being such an ass.

4-January-2005: I dreamt I was in my old back yard and someone kept talking about their new bicycle, they kept telling me it was a Stery Org and I was trying my best to remember where I’d heard the name – it wasn’t until I awoke that I realized I was thinking of a gun, the Steyr AUG.

3-January-2005: I was dreaming about being back at school, aged eleven; it was my first day again only this time I knew everything I know now, a typical fantasy of many adults really. I said, ‘This is going to be fantastic, everything will be so easy!’ One of my teachers gave me a sceptical look, with a ‘you’ll see’ glint in her eyes.

2-January-2005: I had a dream that I was riding on the back of a motorcycle, Marcia (my fiancé) was driving and looking really cool in dark shades and a brown mini-skirt. We were driving to the airport at Leeds or Manchester in England but got kind of lost on the way and ended up in the sunny countryside. We were sitting on the bike at the top of a valley, there was a small white plane flying below us, shining in the sunlight, I thought it was flying way too low but realized it was flying under a white suspension-bridge that spanned a ravine with hundreds of feet below it – meaning that we were very high up indeed.

1-January-2005: I dreamt that I was in Acomb York, England; I was supposed to go across town on a BMX bike for a competition or something, I decided that I may as well put the bike in my car and drive across town. When I got to my car someone was shouting at me, hello, but I couldn’t see where they were; it went on for quite a while before I noticed them in an upstairs window of a café, I said hello back and went to my car which had turned into a moped that was locked to a Volkswagen Beetle. I unlocked the moped and saw that the back tire was nearly flat; I felt as though this happened a lot and that I usually inflated the tire again and everything was all right, but this time I found some glass sticking out of the tire, I pulled the glass out and found more glass underneath it, I got all the glass out eventually and was going to go find a puncture repair kit in a nearby shop when a stock car display team showed up and started flying around and doing stunts in a mud pit for all the patrons of the café to see.