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31-August-2003: I went to visit a new client, as a support worker, when I got to the house it was the same place I grew up in. The client turned out to be a fairly nice oldish woman who was sick of her sister driving her mad with obnoxious behaviour and constant drinking. I had a couple of plastic tubes, replacing a couple of arteries, going to my head from my right arm. I saw that one of them had some bubbles rising slowly up the tube, so I cut it off before they could get to my brain. It was then that the mad sister arrived and I asked my client to please phone a special nurse to come and fix my tubes. I had a private nurse who was an old French woman called Marie Claire; every time my client rang her number and spoke in French, her mad sister took the handset off her and slammed it down hysterically. This happened a few times but my nurse managed to find me anyway. My old artery had healed so that I didn’t need a new tube, but they had to pour some of my blood into an old stone sink to be washed.

30-August-2003: Every new year in Japan there is a TV variety special show that lasts for about eight hours; I was a special guest for this programme. Three Japanese people, two men and a woman, and myself were doing a sketch to demonstrate how to buy a television. Every time I said something in Japanese the audience clapped; when I spoke English they all laughed. We pretended to walk into a shop and I was discussing a television set with the shopkeeper, in Japanese, and he was giving me all the blurb and specifications. One of the men got a screwdriver out and took the back off the set and he and the woman started poking around inside. When I said, ‘Is it normal to do that?’ in English; the audience thought it was hilarious and we got a standing ovation. I finished off by looking straight into the camera and saying, ‘For all you English folk out there who’ve just married into a Japanese family and are sat at home watching this wondering what the hell is going on; try not to think about it and hang in there, it’s not even close to halfway through yet! Especially you Mark.’ Of course it was the funniest thing of the whole show.

29-August-2003: Dreaming a lot about London and Angel Islington.

28-August-2003: Watched an entire game of five-a-side football; the players were ex-professional Austrian footballers, all over forty. Except for one, who was a mad Scottish man and the only person to score any goals.

27-August-2003: I was been harassed outside my old school by a kangaroo; somebody called Chris was there, he was my best friend in the dream but I’ve never met him in real life. His mother was running a mobile food van that served all kinds of interesting food; there was a really nice looking salad that I wanted to try, but Jennifer Aniston got the last of it. I had springs attached to the bottom of my shoes that helped me leap quite high into the air; not superhumanly high exactly, just high enough to bounce over waist-high fences and things.

26-August-2003: I was waiting for my stepfather (whom I never see normally) laying naked under a quilt at the top of a slope that lead down to the river Thames in London. Some old woman was bothering me, asking if I was a tenant of the flats next to where I was laying on the ground. I told her whom I was waiting for and she went off to get him; he’d forgotten I was waiting for him, which didn’t really surprise me at all. When he came he said it was time to go but I said I’m going this way instead and ran off down the slope; I can usually walk on water in my dreams and last night was no exception, I skimmed across the water on my bear feet a bit like a surfer. I intended to keep going until I saw Saint Paul’s cathedral. After a short time I began to hit the sandy bottom of the river as the tide took the water away; the tide took the water so far away that the river was barely a trickle in the middle with various little puddles dotted here and there. In the dream world this was obviously a common occurrence for the Thames as various other people were taking advantage of the extremely low tide and cycling along the riverbed to avoid the rush hour traffic. After this I somehow got caught up in a kind of time rift, and ended up being part of a team of engineers building a rotating bridge across the Thames. There were dozens of us untangling a huge chain then heaving on it; when I asked someone why we were pulling the chain he just laughed and pointed to the end of the bridge. The whole structure was spinning dizzyingly fast; round and round so many times I began to think it was never going to stop but, eventually, the bridge clunked into place and was complete. All the engineers, including my self, swayed across the bridge then fell over from dizziness.

When I emerged from the bridge I wandered into a train yard full of mysterious looking steam engines; huge wheels and curving iron all painted in fantastic gold and reds. I remember thinking how dreamy it all looked. I happened across a Victorian family huddled under some stairs; they were saying some kind of nasty comments at me, something to do with me not belonging here. I climbed up some railings and back into the modern world. I found some old city walls and a park; neither of which exist in London in reality, but I had been there before in previous dreams. I skimmed across a mossy lake still in my bare feet and came to a stop inside a lady’s hallway in her house. She opened her front door and let me out; I commented on how unusual it was to have a lake that stops right inside a house, she told me I could come and visit any time. After I left the house I befriended a woman and a puppy; the three of us then came across a house with a friendly old man who invited us inside. I was given some fine clothes to wear so that, for the first time in ages, I was no longer naked. The woman and the puppy had been ushered off elsewhere. I was treated like a king, literally. There were other people in the house; all men, some of them a little mad. I was to be their new king; the woman and the puppy were going to be sacrificed in my honour. One of the inmates led me to where they were being held; the woman was banging on a glass door to be let out. When she was free I explained the situation and we went in search of the young girl; the puppy had turned into a girl somewhere along the way. We found her in a nearby room; sleeping and thinking she was safe from harm, this made me quite angry with the men who were going to burn her. When we got her out alarm bells began to ring and men started appearing in corridors to block our escape; it was easy enough to shove them aside though as they were all very old, it was not long before the three of us broke out into sunshine and freedom.

25-August-2003: I was in the playground of the school I went to when I was a kid; all the people playing were adults, the kids that I went to school with all grown up. There were some other people there that I know too, people I hadn’t gone to school with but met later in life. A siren went off and there was an announcement that a missile was heading for Doncaster (England), about fifty miles away; almost immediately there was a brilliant flash in the sky to the south, followed by the deadly plume of an atomic mushroom cloud. The bomb was unusually large, large enough to have an area of effect encompassing more than fifty miles; I herded everyone into the gymnasium and erected, through telepathy, an EMP shield around the entire building. I’d invented the shield in a dream a few months ago and it’s cropped up a few times since, but this is the first time it’s been activated via telepathy rather then being set up as a mechanical device. My friend’s wife Chiemi was next to me and, after the blast had washed over us and back again, she wanted to go outside and look for her husband, Mark. I had to stop her; she was hysterical but some other people helped me convince her that nothing was alive out there and that she wouldn’t last more than a few minutes without protective clothing.

After a few hours a rescue team came to investigate the unusual spectacle that was our school still intact amongst the destruction. I erected yet another kind of shield that wouldn’t let people pass through it; I didn’t trust the look of the people who were trying to get to us. Their uniforms didn’t fit properly as if they were wearing another uniform underneath; I also got the impression that there were tanks just out of sight beyond the remains of the school gates. I bluffed a little and pretended I’d seen one, saying, ‘Why is there a Russian tank poking its turret around that corner over there?’ I heard someone whispering, ‘Idiot, I told them to stay back.’ I told them there was no way they were getting in so they gave up the disguises and ordered the tanks to roll into the schoolyard. They were doing more damage to themselves than our school as their shells ricocheted off the EMP shield; still, we had to get away somehow. I called Catface and had him bring the mothership to the playing field at the back of the school; we were all aboard and flying away by the time they Russians (?) had got their tanks around the back of the school. Chiemi was in shock and her face was covered in soot; I asked Catface to see if he could locate Mark’s body, remarkably he was still alive and in Barbados! He’d gone on a secret holiday without telling his wife. We flew to Barbados to go and get him; it was not the paradise I was expecting, but a charred and greying mass of rubble and hell. We landed in between two crippled buildings and I got out to find Mark; I found him with a group of hooded lunatics. Mark said, ‘Oh my God, Jon! Get me out of here please, these guys are a bunch of morons.’ Mark looked very tired and dirty; I helped him towards the ship as the lunatics screamed with joy. They’d launched another nuclear missile; when I asked them why they had done that they said because they fired at us first. I called them idiots and said it was because of this kind of thinking that we were all in this mess in the first place. We followed the missile into space and rammed it head so it exploded; the mothership was damaged like she had never been before because there was a fault with the shielding, we were jettisoned out in a life pod and floated to Earth as the ship crashed into the sea. The mothership was not destroyed though; it was hiding at the bottom of the Atlantic while it repaired itself.

24-August-2003: There were loads of Nazis in York (England) where I live. My friend Steve had joined the Nazis because he thought it was just a game. But, later on, when he wanted to leave the Nazis they would let him and all his friends wouldn’t talk to him any more. There was lots of Battle of Britain style fighting going on over the army barracks near my house.

23-August-2003: I was living on or near Jupiter but we had to leave for Earth. I was really scared because I didn’t want to spend a long time stuck inside a metal ship; the captain told me the trip would take three months. It didn’t feel so bad when we first lifted off, the ship was huge, so I thought I might get used to it. Then there was an announcement saying that the main engines were going to engage in ten seconds and that we should all hold on to something; there was the most unusual noise I’ve ever heard, a bit like a jet plane reversing its engines only more metallic. After this the ship was constantly vibrating; it made me feel sick and I thought I’d die after three months of it.

22-August-2003: I met two kids in America; they were heavily into constructing ancient Japanese war engines. They were outside their house examining a gas cylinder to see if they could remake it into anything useful; another boy came along who looked a bit scruffy and rough. He asked for the cylinder so they gave it to him; he threw the object over a fence and a great crash of broken glass came from the other side and a woman screamed. There were lots of witnesses to the crime, including the boy’s mother, but everyone was too scared to say anything. I didn’t care, I went and told the local sheriff all about it; the boy was so confident that he’d get away with it, that he threatened me in front of the police officer and pushed me. I made the sheriff put ‘assault’ down on his crime sheet; later when he started chopping the heads off a woman’s roses with some garden sheers and waved them at the lady, I tried to convince the sheriff to put him down for assault with a deadly weapon too. The boy stopped his crime spree after that and everything went back to normal. I went back to the other two boy’s house and helped them begin construction on a Japanese siege engine; they had a huge lake in their back garden, which they floated the bamboo on for easy transportation. My friend Peter was bathing in the lake saying how the whole set-up, the house and the lake and the construction, was bloody marvellous.

21-August-2003: I was in Liverpool (England) visiting a railway museum. Inside the museum I met a guy called Neil Burgess that I used to go to school with; he had three girls with him, all English white girls. I didn’t really fancy any of them but they were all good looking women. The museum was nearly closing when we got there, we had a plan to hide somewhere then spend the night in an old-fashioned luxury sleeping carriage. There was a deep stairwell we had to go down so, in case there were any alarms on the stairs, I jumped down the middle of the stairwell and used extra sensory powers to probe for any kind of security measures and disable them. When the other four came down the stairs the girls were all looking at me with a kind of wonder and appreciation; it was because I’d just dropped eighty feet, landed gently and walked about like it was the most normal thing in the world. Later we crawled through a little tunnel where there was a guard at the end; I made him think he wanted to open the security door to check on the antique trains then, when the door was open, I froze him on the spot while we five sneaked past. The guard closed the door again, thinking it impossible that anyone could be in there…

20-August-2003: My landlord had found some really old plans for a steam-powered printing press. He said he really wanted to build it but couldn’t afford all the cast iron and engineers to put it together; I told him to get a quote then I’d do the whole job for exactly half the price. I built the press for two thousand pounds. I felt a bit like I was cheating really; I was using some kind of special power to form the individual parts of the press into cast iron from molecules in the air, every time I got to a section of instructions I didn’t understand I had Catface download all the details into my brain. I had Catface do the same thing to show me how to operate the steam-machine when it was finished.

19-August-2003: I was a junior school teacher in Bradford, England. A friend of mine called Steve was there; I was showing him how I’d found a new feature on a software downloading program called Kazaa, I had discovered that you can also download hardware. Somehow I had managed to download an inflatable canoe; this was great news because we’d always wanted to find the source of the river Foss (a small river in York, England) and paddle a boat all the way back into town. One of our problems was how to get a boat up there in the first place; and where we could keep a boat in the mean time. Now I had an inflatable canoe I could store it in a cupboard and, when we wanted to go, take it deflated by bus to the source of the river and inflate it when we get there.

Later on I downloaded a bus for the school and all the kids were queuing up to get on it. There was a female football teacher making everyone board the bus in a particular order; if anyone pushed in, she’d blow her whistle and shout, ‘Off side!’

18-August-2003: I was about fourteen years old and riding my bicycle around where I lived. I went down a long tree covered cycle path that should have come out onto a huge wheat field but, instead, there was a seaside village. In real life the place where I lived was forty miles away from the sea. I spent some time riding around the new streets and talking to the local kids until sunset; at which point we all went to some cliffs overlooking the sea. There was a little green island in front of me that was pretty much entirely covered by a huge abbey; the setting sun made the abbey, and some castle ruins on a neighbouring island, shine a brilliant orange. All the glass windows of the abbey gleamed with little sunrays of their own. I remember thinking, I’m going to have to bring my mum to come and see this.

17-August-2003: I was in a speedboat being chased by police in Venice, Italy. Lots of Italians were shaking their fists at me as the wake of my boat toppled them from their gondolas; chickens and groceries went flying everywhere as I hurtled under low bridges. I don’t know why the police were chasing me, but I got away and sped off into the open sea.

16-August-2003: I was in a square in London, I wasn’t sure which one but had a feeling it was somewhere near Bond Street. There was some kind of weird girl creature with the head of Kermit the frog; it was leading me to somewhere and a camera crew was following us. The surroundings were getting more and more decrepit as we walked along the side of a canal; as it got dark two dodgy looking men started to follow us, I had the feeling they were going to try and rob us. The frog thing led us down the dirtiest looking walkway I’ve ever seen; so bad the would-be criminals didn’t want to follow. At the end of the walkway was a cave with a little entrance; a fire was burning inside and the frog wanted to go inside. I said there was no chance I was going in there, the occasional rat scurried in through the opening, and left the frog to go it alone. Just then a friend of mine called Phil came out of the cave and told me that this dark hole is where he’s been living for the past few months. I told him he was mad and that he’d have to come and stay in my flat; but he said it was quite a nice dingy cave once you got used to it.

15-August-2003: I was in New York with my mother. We were heading down the subway, when we took a wrong turn my brother popped up shouting, ‘That way’s for downtown you idiots, this way is uptown.’

14-August-2003: Myself and almost everyone I know were members of an exclusive club in York, England, that catered for vampires. It was more like a party really with music and coloured light illuminating the darkness. Someone that wasn’t a vampire was trying to get into the club for nefarious purposes; one of the members, it may have been me, chopped his head off with a medieval axe. We knew after this that the authorities would no longer tolerate a den of vampires in their town, everyone fled taking their closest partners with them.

13-August-2003: I found a dog wandering on its own by the Knavesmire (York race course), it was a big friendly black Labrador. It walked with me for a while in the warm sunshine, then I phoned the R.S.P.C.A. and we waited for them to arrive. When they arrived, a man and a woman, in their little white van I found that I didn’t like the man; I somehow sensed that he beat up the animals when no one was watching. As the man and I were arguing, the woman put the dog in the van and drove off.

12-August-2003: Sneaking around an army base that I used to visit a lot in Warwickshire, England. There were some dogs after me and a girl, think she was an elf or something. We made ourselves invisible to avoid capture, then finally escaped past the guards at the front gates.

11-August-2003: I was in London loading some shopping into my car; there was a bottle of cider (alcoholic drink) that looked a bit odd, so I opened it and had a little taste on my tongue to see if it was okay. I walked up the road a way to say hello to two policemen and tell them what a good job they were doing. I heard one of them whisper, ‘Smells like alcohol on his breath.’ I explained what I’d just done with the cider and said I’d be happy to take a breathalyser test anyway, so they sat me in the back of the police car and started getting out the machine to measure the alcohol in my breath. But before I was tested the driver said, ‘Actually I’m a bit hungry, think I’ll go and get something to eat before we do this.’ Then started the engine and drove off; I said, ‘Hey! You can’t do this, I’ve left my car unlocked back there with all my shopping in it!’ I tried to get out but the doors were locked, I started to panic a bit.

The other policeman said, ‘I need to pay some bills too, may as well do that now. It’ll only take half an hour or so.’ I was a little frantic now and demanded they let me out, telling them I was claustrophobic. One of them said, ‘Yeah, yeah, just sit quite…’ They were obviously a bit crazy and I had to get out of there; I started talking to Catface on my watch, ‘Help, I am being kidnapped by two unusual policemen; I am in a marked police car heading south down Tottenham Court Road. I don’t know too many details… wait, I can see a number on the driver’s collar; two, two, four, three, four…’ The passenger policeman looked around a bit nervously until he saw I was talking to my watch and not into a mobile phone as they’d both thought.

‘You wont make many calls without pushing any buttons.’ He laughed. ‘I don’t need to push any buttons to talk on here you dick head.’ I replied. They didn’t like that and the car speeded up, driving dangerously. So I ordered, ‘Okay, can you just cut the power to the vehicle and make it stop?’ The policemen both laughed and the driver said, ‘Yeah sure I can, anything you say boss.’ And put his foot down so the car rocketed down the high street. ‘I wasn’t talking to you, you wanker!’ I said this with a grin as the power cut off and the car soon came to a halt. As the driver was trying to turn the engine over I gave more instructions to Catface, ‘They’ve both got seatbelt on, can you fuse the materials within the mechanisms at both ends please?’ This done, the officers were unable to move freely in a car that was completely disabled in every possible way; the door next to me swung open and I walked away with a big grin.

10-August-2003: I was with my brother beside the sea on the south coast of England, he was going to fish in the sea. He had a big bag of worms and was throwing them into the water to attract fish; an old local man was telling him that throwing those type of worms in the water would do no good around here. Some of the waves were coming in a little larger than they had a few minutes ago, the sky in the distance was broiling with dark clouds; I noticed that one of the clouds looked rather odd and funnel shaped, it seemed to be sucking up the water. I told my brother that we can’t fish now anyway because a hurricane was coming. Even as I spoke the waves were nearly three metres high; I said we had to go home and warn the others, our sea front house would be destroyed and we needed to move far inland. When we got back to the house there was a German girl, called Anja, talking to a Czech girl called Nicole; Nicole was telling Anja, in a thick Slavic type accent, that the Queen loved Bogna; meaning Bogna Regis, another town a few miles away on the south coast. Anja looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and went to tell my stepfather (who hasn’t had anything to do with my life for over a decade, but often pops up in dreams as a kind of annoyance) that a hurricane was coming. He said I was been silly, that we don’t get those here. At the same time a huge 50 metre high wave could be seen through the window behind his head, rolling in about a mile out to sea. He was just sitting in a big old chair laughing like I was an idiot; everyone else knew who the real idiot was, they were busy grabbing coats and hats and making ready to evacuate. I slapped my stepfather in the face and shouted at him, tapping on his head and saying there isn’t much going on in there is there?

We did get him out and we all, my mum, brother, stepfather, Nicole, Anja and myself, drove off to London in a big red Jaguar car.


9-August-2003: I was at my childhood home with my mum and my brother, it was nighttime and all the stars seemed brighter than normal. The sky was all wonderful hues of purple and orange, and there were clusters of stars that I hadn’t seen before; stars that don’t exist in this galaxy. There were eight bright stars in a perfect line like runway lights, and another group in a circle. Great swathes of green and purple washed over the sky, as the Earth’s magnetic field was been disrupted by something. That something was a giant turtle, the one out of the Terry Pratchett Discworld stories; it was making an extremely close pass of the Earth. It dipped a gargantuan flipper into the Atlantic and caused a tidal wave all over the Earth, and then swam off into space.

8-August-2003: My granddad (died a few years ago) was driving a train to Chesterfield with me in the cab with him; he told me that for the past three days he’d been checking his personal bits and finding bits of chicken, and that he’d thrown it all away. Later I was with my mum on the Knavesmire (a huge grassy area in York where the horse racing course is) in the same spot that the outlaw Dick Turpin was hanged; also the same spot where I met two girls in a dream within a dream a few nights ago. There was a miniature railway that isn’t normally there; when I rode it, it ended up at the most disgusting public toilet I have ever seen. I rode the train back to where my mum was and a girl called Kat (real person) came along and started chatting with us, she hasn’t spoken to me in real life for years for some reason.

7-August-2003: Three Russian assassins, two men and a woman, had been sent to York to kill me. They were tracking me down in some back streets on the west bank of the river Ouse; I was hiding on the roof of an old church. The woman found me but pretended she hadn’t seen me and told the others there was no sign of me yet. One of the men disappeared and I ended up having to confront the other; there was a rapid exchange of unopened-penknife throwing, I accidentally hit the woman on the head and knocked her out. I escaped the man by flying over the river into the town near the Guild Hall.

6-August-2003: The weather is extremely hot at the moment and the heat in the night kept waking me up, so I didn’t have chance to dream too much.

5-August-2003: I was on a coach trip with work colleagues and friends, plus loads of other people I don’t know, in Spain. A group of us were outside the hotel on a green hillock of grass when an earthquake shook the ground, some of the people were panicking but I told them not to worry as it would all be over soon and there was nothing above to fall on our heads. The quake lasted for an unusually long time; about two minutes, most of them only last a few seconds but it ended without injury. Inside the hotel there was a really dodgy looking character operating the lift, when I followed him I found out that he was part of an underground gang, conning innocent tourists; laundering money and drug running. I worked closely with local police to infiltrate and shut down their crime ring and discovered they had also kidnapped some of the Spanish royal family, so took it upon myself to find them before anything bad could befall them. When I got back to the hotel I was very tired and fell asleep immediately and had a separate dream within the first one; two of the girls who were in the hotel with us really liked me and invited me to a party at their house, saying there would be plenty to drink and tonnes of special cake. I was really pleased that I’d kept in touch with them after our little holiday when I woke up back in the hotel; I realised there was no need to be disappointed at it being only a dream. After all, they were still here in the hotel on the same coach trip as me and I could get to know them; so that my dream (within this dream) might come true.

Back in England I was still working with the Spanish police to find the kidnapped royalty and I had made friends with the two girls. Using a combination of interaction with the mothership and code cracking; along with some acetates with maps of some forests and mountains, I was able to locate a cave where the victims were being held. I was in the headlines in all of the world’s newspapers as the anonymous Brit that helped reunite the Spanish royal family.

4-August-2003: I flew the mothership to Helen’s (aka Pippa666 on forum) house to surprise her; I’ve never met her before in person, we play computer games together over the internet. When I got there she looked just like my friend Maja, who is Yugoslavian, only she was English; she was playing Team Fortress really badly and I suspected it wasn’t really Pippa but someone else standing in for her. Helen’s daughter came in the room and admitted that the girl on the computer was not her mum but one of her friends; she said that her mum thought I like foreign girls so she thought she’d pretend that she was a foreigner for a bit of a laugh. Her mum was actually upstairs getting ready to go out with us. Two women came into the room then, I used my scanner and saw that neither of them were Helen either; I told them all their names which surprised them and said we could all go for a ride in my ship as soon as Helen came downstairs. I never did get to see what she looks like.

3-August-2003: Had a very bad night’s sleep and couldn’t really get into any proper dreaming; there is a good side though, in this state I usually have an out of body experience in the morning. This morning I drifted out of my body and floated around the room for a bit to make sure I wasn’t actually awake before I jumped out of the window. After I went out of the window I headed straight for the countryside; flying through vales and over hills, it was a very sunny morning and I could feel the thermals in the air speeding me along. Every time I came to another hill I rode the thermals up the sides and rocketed into the sky, hundreds of metres into the air; this sensation used to frighten me and I’d snap myself awake, but today I found the rush and the heights thrilling. There was no Kukuchili in this OBE and it later turned into a Lucid dream of someone banging on my front door, when I opened it there was a lady detective there and a teenage girl been pulled away by a man. It had been the girl that was banging on my door; she’d escaped from a mental institution, the detective said the girl was one very depressed young woman. Later I was in a corridor in a school or somewhere similar and a French girl kept bumping into me on purpose to get me to talk to here; she was very funny and we had lots of laughs.

2-August-2003: All about gangs this time. First I was the captain of a big gang of mercenaries; we were in Australia and desperately needed to get away for some reason. There was an airship anchored in an Australian rules football stadium so I suggested we steal it for a quick get away, as we only had minutes left before the cops were going to be here. Someone said we don’t know how to fly a thing like that; pointing out I was a naval captain and not a sky pilot. I said it was just like piloting a submarine only you manoeuvred through the air instead of the sea, zero bubble and all that stuff. We were in the airship steering it out of control and wrecking the stadium when I noticed one of the rooms had a hole in space-time that sucked thing in; I tried throwing in a large bean cushion that was used to sit on and it blocked up the hole, after a few seconds the forces were reversed and the cushion was spat out with a loud pop.

Later I was part of a different gang; a gang of mystery solving children, like the Red Hand Gang or the Famous Five. Someone had found a special key that opened a secret doorway in an old house between the fridge and the wall; she opened the secret door and went down some stairs, came back up a few minutes later with a magic stone on a chain. I heard something scraping about near the front door and went to have a look; it was a bid scary demon come to take the necklace, I ran off into the back garden and over fences like a big coward. Somehow though, later I was back at the house and the demon was tying up the rest of the gang in a dusty room and putting a man inside an old stove and lighting a fire underneath it. I released a tiger from somewhere and doused it down with a high-pressure water hose to stop it from biting me; the tiger went for the demon instead and I let the man out of the stove then killed the demon with the high-pressure water.

1-August-2003: I had an oval shaped patch that I could stick on to metallic objects; the patch was an EMP device derived from an EMP shield I invented in a dream I had on 4-June-2003. I attached the patch to a metal pedestrian crossing post and walked across the street and stood in a bus queue. I started talking to a girl and her mother and they were asking me all kinds of questions about how I treat women, would I ever cheat on a girl and that sort of thing. I affirmed that I was a nice guy and didn’t do bad things and the girl was convinced I was her ideal partner, we seemed to get to know each other really fast. A pedestrian walked up to the crossing across the street and pressed the button to stop the traffic. I showed my new girlfriend a remote control I’d rigged up to work with the patch and told her to watch the traffic light, when I hit a button the patch sent out a pulse, which reset the light to green as if the pedestrian hadn’t pressed the button. The pedestrian kept pressing the button and I kept resetting it. I explained to the girl how I’d invented the EMP shield and now this little patch that interferes with electronics; how I’d set it to its lowest setting so it only affected devices within a few inches, at the highest range it covers 250 metres and corrupts all electronics within that radius. I told her how it may also detonate explosives so it’s a bit risky to use, not knowing what might be in the vicinity. We decided it might be a good idea to install them in airports in a special bomb-proof tunnel and send all luggage and passengers through it so the planes are guaranteed bomb free.