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A drunk person in a dream may serve as a message to you to examine your own physical health or your own behavior. You could be acting too carelessly.

If the drunk person is singing in your dream, you may need to have more confidence in your abilities. If the drunk person has fallen asleep, you could be working too hard in waking life.

If you get drunk yourself, you could be hoping that you will soon be celebrating a success.

When you are drunk, you lose your inhibitions and say or do things that you normally would not say or do, so if you are drunk in a dream it can mean that you are feeling too inhibited in waking life. You are repressing thoughts and emotions that you need to release.

You may dream about being drunk when you are in a stressful situation in real life and you are “walking on eggshells” – afraid to express the way that you truly feel.

Dreaming about being drunk can be a sign that you need to relax more when you are awake.

Being drunk in a dream can symbolize a change of consciousness. This can mean the attainment of a higher level of spirituality.  It can also mean that you are looking at things in a different way.