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A crutch is a tool that is used for support, so a crutch in a dream symbolizes physical, emotional or spiritual support. If you dream you are on crutches, you could be in need of support. You could feel that you have been supporting other people for a long time, and you want to give up that responsibility and have others care for you.

You may dream about a crutches if you feel that you have made a decision or expressed an idea that others do not approve of.  You are looking for someone to support your choice.

Crutches in a dream can represent an unhealthy addiction, for example, to alcohol, drugs, or gambling, or to an  unhealthy relationship.

If you dream that someone else is using crutches, you feel that they are emotionally weak.  You think that they should have more willpower or take better control of a situation. Ask yourself if this true, or if you are simply being too judgmental.