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Caves are rich and thought-provoking dream symbols.

At times, a woman with reproductive issues may have a cave dream, in which case it represents the womb.

The cave, as the womb, can represent new life, new opportunities, creativity, warmth and safety.

The cave in dreams can be a general symbol of a safe place, a sanctuary or a refuge.

If you are experiencing much anxiety in daily life, in your dream state you may retreat to a warm cave where you cannot be disturbed by worldly demands.

The cave could also represent the mysterious and unexplored parts of our selves. It could be symbolic of the unconscious mind, which could be a pleasant or a frightening experience.

Your personal associations and experiences with caves, as well as the details and the emotional content of this dream, need to be carefully considered before making a dream interpretation.

A cave in a dream usually represents a place in your mind where upsetting memories, thoughts and emotions are stored.

If you come across an entrance to a cave in your dream, your dreaming mind is encouraging you to explore painful thoughts, feelings and memories.

While you may be afraid to enter the cave at first, exploring the cave can be a sign that you are trying to understand yourself better – including the parts of yourself that you dislike.

You may dream about a cave when you are having a problem in real life.  Your dream is a sign that you might be able to solve your problem by understanding yourself better; that your problem is being caused or exacerbated by personal issues that you have been avoiding.