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A butterfly in a dream can represent freedom. If you dream of a butterfly, you may feel that society has placed too many restraints on you. You want the opportunity to express yourself more fully and to allow others to see the person that you really are.

Dreaming of a butterfly flying from flower to flower can also be a sign that you are not ready to “settle down”.   This could mean that you are not ready to take on a difficult task, choose a career or commit to a long-term relationship.  Ask yourself what is preventing you from devoting your efforts to a particular goal.

If you dream about a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you could be going through a big change or you could be entering a new phase in your life.

You could also be noticing a change in someone else.

Because a caterpillar appears to die and is then reborn as a butterfly, a butterfly in a dream can symbolize immortality. It can symbolize a part of you or of a loved one that will live on even after physical death.