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When you light a bonfire, you are creating a powerful, wild force (fire) and then confining it inside a space so that it does not become dangerous.

Therefore, a bonfire in a dream represents the balance between excitement and safety, and between individuality and conformity.

If you have a dream about a bonfire, you may be feeling passionate about something or about someone.  Your dream is telling you to enjoy these feelings and to use them to become more creative and productive, while at the same time being careful that your passions do not get out of control and cause harm.

A dream about throwing old items into a bonfire can symbolize a need to get rid of negative influences in your life or to move away from the past.

Because the power of a bonfire originally comes from the Sun, a bonfire in a dream may also symbolize someone whose power is reflected from another source, for example, someone who gives orders based on the commands of his or her own superior.