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If the sight of blood frightens you, or if you associate it with pain, injury or death, then a dream in which blood is very prominent can be an expression of emotional pain or a warning of danger.

Blood is associated with menstruation, birth and fertility, so blood in a dream can represent regeneration and renewal.  Blood in a dream can represent the beginning of something new in your life, particularly something that involves hard work and sacrifice.

blood dreamsBlood is a sacred symbol in many religions, so a blood dream can have religious or spiritual significance.  It is often associated with a sacrifice.

In Christianity, blood is associated with Christ.

Blood stains on your clothes or someone else's clothes in your dream can be a sign of emotional injury or pain that you are causing someone to feel, or that they are causing you to feel.

Bleeding in Dreams

Blood is a vital component of life, and in dreams blood represent your physical and spiritual life, your soul. So, if you find that you are injured and bleeding in your dream it can represent a loss spiritual or physical power in your waking life? Perhaps you have been feeling drained and low on energy? If this is the case the dream may simply be advising you to take more food, to eat better, sleep better or recharge your spiritual energy?

If you find that you are being given blood in a dream, say in a hospital or by paramedics, it can suggest your energies are being restored. If you are receiving a blood transfusion from someone you know in waking life, it can be a message that this person has the potential to help you regain some of your physical or spiritual energy.

Sometimes women may dream about blood and bleeding at certain times during their menstrual cycle, or when the cycle is about to begin for the first time in their life. Also for women, blood in dreams is a symbol of fertility and the loss of one's virginity.

Because blood is red and has many connections with life and bonding people together, it is a symbol of love, passion and also anger.

If you are bleeding internally it could be a warning about an actual health problem, especially if it is a recurring dream. On the other hand it could be a sign of being emotionally drained and keeping your feelings bottled up inside?