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If you dream that you are being baptized, it is a sign that you are giving up old attitudes and are receptive to new ideas.

The dream can also be a warning that you have become too complacent.

If you dream that you are baptizing someone else, it can mean that you are ready to share your knowledge with others.

If you dream that someone else is being baptized, it can mean that you wish for that person to change in some way.

Baptism is a common cultural symbol that appears in art and literature, so you may dream of baptism even if you do not belong to a religion that practices it.

Baptism in a dream represents a passage from one stage to another. This can mean moving to a new home, starting a new school, getting a new job, beginning a relationship, getting married or having a baby.

It can also symbolize a less obvious passage, for example a profound change in attitude or beliefs, or a change that has come over you after you have experienced a period of grief.

A dream that you have been baptized is a positive sign. It means that you have accepted the changes that are taking place in your life and are ready to move forward.

If you dream that you baptize someone you know, you are worried that they are having trouble coping with change and you want to help them.  If you dream of baptizing a stranger, you are ready to accept a part of yourself that you have been denying.

Watching someone else undergo a baptism in a dream means that you are reflecting on your past and on how you have changed as you have grown older.