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If you dream that you seize a banner during a battle, you think that your life is going to change course temporarily.

If you dream that a banner is seized from you, you feel that you are going to have to make a painful decision.

A dream banner with writing on it can symbolize worries about your finances.

If you dream about a banner with colorful decorations, you may be worried that others think that you don't conform enough.

A banner in a dream represents something that you are striving to achieve. This could be anything from having a romantic relationship with someone you know to excelling at a sport or reaching a spiritual level.

Where is the banner in your dream?  Is it in your hands? Is it somewhere out of reach?  Do you have to struggle to reach it? This can give you an idea about how certain you are about achieving your goal.

If you have to fight to capture a banner from someone else, you are probably worried about competition from others.

If you are part of a group that is fighting to capture a banner – for example, if you dream that you are a soldier in an army – your dreaming mind is reminding you of the importance of cooperating with others in order to achieve what you want.