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A ballet is an expression of beauty and creativity. At the same time, dancing in the ballet requires a great deal of strength, control and balance.  Therefore, a dream about a ballerina has to do with a need to balance your creative, imaginative side of you with your more logical, controlling side.

If you dream that you are in a ballet, pay attention to how well you perform.   Do you give a perfect performance, or are you fumbling around, forgetting your routine?  That could give you an idea of how well you are balancing the different roles that you play in your life.

The emotions that you display in the ballet will be emotions that you are experiencing, but may be repressing, in real life.

A dream of watching a ballerina represents a desire for more happiness or more freedom.

If you find yourself dressed as a ballerina in an inappropriate place, such as at a bank or in a school, you are probably worried about not fitting in with other people.