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An arrow in a dream represents a direction that your life is taking or that it could be taking.

If you see an arrow in a dream, pay attention to where it is pointing from, where it is leading you and how you feel when you see it.

How do the places in front of the arrow and behind it differ, and how are they similar? 

If they are very different, or if the arrow leads you through a door or into a room or passageway, you are entering a new phase in your life.

When you see the arrow, do you follow it, do you stay still, or do you turn back? If you follow it, are you excited, happy, nervous or frightened?

Your feelings and behavior in the dream will tell you something about how you react to changes that take place in your life.

Arrow Weapon


Using an arrow requires energy and skill, so if you dream that you shoot an arrow and hit your mark, it is a sign that you are feeling strong and self-confident.  However, if you miss your mark, you are feeling weak or defeated, and your self-confidence has been declining.

If you dream that arrows are being used as weapons, you are experiencing a conflict.

Shooting someone with an arrow in a dream is a way of releasing anger that you are repressing in waking life.  It can also be a sign that you have hurt someone with your words or your actions.

If you dream that you have been shot by an arrow, you have been emotionally wounded in real life.

Hunting with a bow and arrow represents a search for physical or emotional satisfaction.