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If you dream of your arms, it can mean that you have the ability to reach out to others.

However, it can also mean that you are having trouble reaching out.

Your arms may represent struggles that you have endured.

How are you using your arms in your dream? Are you fighting someone, defending yourself, holding someone or being held?

If you dream that your arm has been injured or that your arms have been tied up, you may feel unable to care for yourself or to reach out to others.

Dreaming that you rip someone else's arm out is a sign that you are extremely upset with that person or with something represented by that person.

If you dream that you see or smell somebody else's armpit, it can mean that person has characteristics that you want to display in public yourself.

If you smell your own armpit, you may be hoping that people will accept you.

Your arms have many different uses. They can be used to attack someone or to defend yourself from attack.  You can carry a load with your arms.  Your arms can be used to comfort someone, to hug someone or to hold someone in a passionate embrace.

Therefore, a dream about arms can have any of a number of different meanings, depending upon the context of the dream as well as your situation in life.

Arms in a dream can represent an emotional burden that you are carrying.

Because your arms can be used as weapons, in a dream they can represent a conflict or – particularly if you arm is injured or amputated – or a feeling of being defeated.

Arms can also symbolize a need for affection.

Arms Weapons

A dream about arms represents a conflict.  Taking up arms in a dream is a message that you need to face up to a conflict in your life.  Ask yourself if you have been avoiding making a choice regarding a difficult situation.

Arms can be used both to attack and to defend. If you dream that you are attacking someone with arms, you are letting out feelings of anger, resentment or frustration that you have been repressing in real life.

A dream that you are being attacked by someone who is armed is a sign that you are feeling vulnerable or that you feel as though you are being attacked in real life.

A dream of being given arms in a ritualistic manner – for example, a dream of receiving a knighthood – represents the acquisition of power or wisdom.