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Alligators have been on earth for millions of years. An alligator in a dream can represent your deepest, more primitive emotions and desires.

The alligator is often a symbol of the unconscious.

It can represent both the creative and the destructive powers that you hold within you, powers that are so strong that your conscious mind struggles to repress them.

Because an alligator hides in the water with only its eyes exposed, if you dream of an alligator, it can be a sign that you are only examining a problem from a superficial perspective; you need to go deeper.

An alligator in a dream can represent a hidden danger.

Alligators are associated with water, and therefore, with the emotions. If you dream that you are attacked by an alligator, it can mean that you are no longer able to hide from your emotions.

The female alligator is known for her maternal instincts. Therefore, if you dream about an alligator, it can mean that you feel that need to protect someone who is weaker than you.

Dreaming that you become an alligator can mean that you are becoming aware of your strengths, but they are frightening you.

An alligator in a dream can be a symbol of male sexuality.

Alligators resemble dragons and therefore, like dragons, can be symbols of good luck.