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A dream of an alder can have many different meanings, depending upon the circumstances of the dreamer.

The alder tree has been an important symbol since ancient times. The Druids believed it was a sacred tree.

The alder is associated with emotional, spiritual and physical strength; war - because the orange-red sap is reminiscent of blood; healing - because the leaves, bark and oil are believed to have medicinal properties; and harmony - because whistles can be made from the pith.

The alder is often found in marshes and ponds - places with elements of both land and sea. Therefore, an alder in a dream can represent a transition.

It can represent a union of the physical (symbolized by the land) with the emotional (symbolized by water).

Alder trees are known for their ability to resist water; in a dream, an alder tree can symbolize strength and the ability to deal with strong emotions without allowing them to overwhelm you.