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The airplane (or aeroplane) is a common part of modern life, and therefore, it is a common symbol in a dream.

An airplane journey in a dream can represent a journey toward a goal or toward a new phase in your life.

The conditions you experience during the airplane trip can mirror conditions that you are facing in your own life as you attempt to move toward your goal.

Is the ride smooth, or is it turbulent? Do you get to your destination quickly, or are there delays or unexpected stops along the way? Does it take a long time for the plane to take off? That could mean that you have been procrastinating.

If you are flying on a commercial flight, how do you feel about the service? How do you like the food? Are you sitting in Economy or in First Class? Your answers to these questions can tell you something about how your needs are being fulfilled as well as something about your feelings of self worth.

Dreaming that you miss your plane or that you get on the wrong plane can mean that you have missed the chance to benefit from an opportunity or that you have made the wrong decision about something.

If you are a religious or spiritual person, flying a plane in a dream can symbolize a desire to be closer to Heaven or closer to God.

Airplane in a dreamFlying in a dream can represent freedom, so a dream that you are flying in a plane signify a desire to be free while, at the same time, to be restricted by some boundaries. Dreaming that you are piloting an airplane can symbolize a need for freedom and a need to have more control over yourself and others.

Dreams of disasters on planes, such as plane crashes, bombings and hijackings, often just reflect fears that have been placed in your unconscious mind via TV news programs, newspaper and magazine articles, books, movies and documentaries. A disaster on an airplane can, however, represent a potential threat in your life. Your unconscious may have picked up signals that something is wrong and is warning you of danger.

Dreaming that you are in a plane crash can mean that you are afraid of losing control of a situation or of your emotions.

A bomb on a plane can be a symbol of uncontrolled emotions.

If you dream that you are on a plane that is hijacked, you may feel that an opportunity has been taken away from you. If you are the hijacker, you could want more control over others.