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If you dream that someone is giving you advice, an adviser in your dream, you may be seeking guidance regarding a dilemma that you are experiencing in waking life.

A dream that you are receiving advice can be a message that you are going about something the wrong way, and that you should listen to the opinions of others, rather than stubbornly continue to do things the way you have always done them.

If you are given bad advice, you may feel that people are trying to influence or control your behavior, and that this is causing you more harm than good.

If you dream that you are giving someone else advice in a dream, the person you are advising can represent an aspect of yourself.

Pay attention to the advice; it could help you with a waking life problem.

Dreaming that you are giving someone else advice can mean that you want others to respect you and appreciate you.

When you receive advice in a dream, your dreaming mind is forcing you to acknowledge something that you already know in real life but don’t want to admit, or your dreaming mind is taking bits and pieces of things that you have observed in real life and putting them together for you.

When you are dreaming, your mind is working to solve problems that have come up in your life when you were awake.  If your dreaming mind comes up with a solution to a problem, it may present it to you in your dream in the form of someone giving you advice. This advice will often be given to you by someone who represents an authority figure – a parent or grandparent, an old man or woman, a teacher, boss or police officer, for example.

If you dream that you give advice to someone that you know, you believe that person should follow your advice in waking life.

The advice that you receive or give in a dream does not necessarily need to be taken literally. Dreams often provide messages in the form of symbols, and the advice itself may be symbolic. Think about the words in the advice and what they might symbolize.