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When an actor or actress plays a role, he or she gets to experience that role for a short time, without having to take on the role permanently. Therefore dreams about actors and actresses are often ways of exploring possible roles in life.

If you dream about being an actor or an actress, it can mean that you are curious about taking on a new role. For example, you could be thinking about looking for a new job or starting a new relationship.

Your dream is saying that you are considering a change, but that you are not ready to make a permanent commitment.

The part that you play when you are acting in your dream, as well as the quality of your performance, can provide you with valuable information about the waking life role that you are considering.

Dreaming that you are a famous actor or actress can mean that you are seeking recognition and praise in waking life.

If you dream that you are an actor in a play and you receive applause, you may feel that you have been recognized for your achievements, or you may feel that you do not get enough recognition.

Dreaming that the audience does not applaud you can mean that you believe that you are not understood, or that you are not appreciated.

A dream that you are acting a part can mean that you are living your life behind a mask. Your dream is telling you that you need to try to understand yourself better and be true to yourself.

Dreaming that others are acting, and that you are a spectator can mean that you feel that you are unable to participate with others around you, or that you are thinking too highly of others while putting yourself down.

If you have dreams about famous actors or actresses, you may wish that you had some of their positive qualities.

You may also be concerned that you possess some of the negative qualities of these actors or actresses. Dreaming that you have a romantic or sexual relationship. with a famous actor or actress can mean that you wish that you had a partner with some of the actor's or actress's qualities.