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An acorn is a symbol of potential and new beginnings.

If you dream about an acorn, it can be a message that you have hidden skills and talents that you need to nurture.

Having an acorn fall on your head, or being hit with an acorn in a dream can mean that you need to change your way of doing things.

A dream of a squirrel hiding acorns can be a warning that you need to make more of an effort to plan for the future.

Freud thought that acorns were phallic symbols.

Some people think that if you dream about acorns, you will have good luck and that if a pregnant woman dreams about acorns, it means she will have twins.

An acorn is something large that grows into something small.  An acorn in a dream represents potential.  A dream about an acorn is a message that you could be experiencing the start of something big.  Pay attention to little things that are happening in your life, because they could be very important and have greater significance as your life moves on.

It takes a long time for an acorn to grow into a giant oak tree, so the dream is also telling you to have patience.

A dream about an acorn be about putting down roots – getting settled in a new place or in a new situation. It can be a sign that you need to get back to basics.

An acorn in a dream can also represent fertility.  If you are trying to have a baby or are pregnant, an acorn dream can represent your hopes to conceive or to give birth to a healthy baby.