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Acid in a dream can represent a negative influence in your life that is eating away at you.

A dream that you spill acid on yourself, or that someone throws acid at you, can mean that you refuse to accept a part of yourself.

If you throw acid at someone in a dream, that person can represent an aspect of yourself that you dislike.

Watching something being dissolved in acid in a dream can mean that you think you will never be able to achieve a goal that you had.

A dream that you take acid (LSD) can mean that you need to look at things in a different way.

In waking life, acid can be a destructive force.  However, it is also cleansing. Acid is used to remove tarnish from metals so that the beautiful shine beneath can be revealed.

Acid in a dream can represent a feeling of being eaten away by guilt, anger or another destructive emotion.  If you dream of being burned with acid, you could be feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions.  You could be repressing these emotions in waking life.

On the other hand, if you dream that an object, an animal or another person is burned with acid, they could represent a negative force in your life that you need to eliminate.