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You may dream about bank accounts or other types of financial accounts if you have been dealing with finances in your waking life.

Your experiences of the day have spilled over into your dream.

A dream that you are having difficulty balancing your accounts can reflect concerns about your finances.

Your unconscious can be telling you that you need to be more careful about your spending or about how you invest your money.

Dreaming that you suddenly find extra money in an account can signify a desire for more material things.

It can also be a message that you have hidden talents and hidden gifts that will be available to you if you learn how to find them and develop them.

If you dream that you work in sales or advertising and you are dealing with a client's account, it can mean that are worried that you will be doing all the work toward completing a project and someone else will be getting all the credit.

The type of account that you are working on can be important.

If you are helping a client sell a product, the type of product can provide a clue to the meaning of the dream.

If you are creating an advertisement for a client, the advertisement can symbolize an idea or feeling that you have had trouble expressing.