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An accordion is a musical instrument that allows the the melody and the accompaniment to be played by one person.

Therefore, if you dream that you are playing an accordion it can mean that you feel you have too much responsibility.

You feel that you are doing everything and that the people around you are providing you with little or no help.

Dreaming that you play the accordion can be a way for you to recognize the many different roles that you play in life.

Your unconscious is reminding you that you should be proud of all that you have accomplished.

If someone else is playing the accordion in your dream, you may feel that they are doing too much, or you may feel that they are taking control of all aspects of a project and are leaving you out of things.

What type of music is being played by the accordion in your dream? If it is being used to play a lively dance tune, you are probably feeling happy about something in waking life.