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A dream of the absence of a person can mean that you are feeling abandoned in waking life.

You may feel that you aren't receiving the support that you need in a difficult situation.

A relationship of yours may have ended.

If you dream that someone is absent, you may be feeling the absence of someone close to you who has gone away or who has died.

A dream that an object is absent can be a sign that you are missing something in your life.

The identity of the object can provide a clue about what is missing.

Sometimes we dream that something is missing.

It may just be a feeling of absence, or there may be something obviously missing – like a clock with no hands or a room with no doors, or perhaps your voice is missing when you try to speak.

Depending on what it is that is absent, these dreams often represent a sort of loss, or a need for something.

For instance the clock with no hands may represent a feeling that you have no time for anything, that time is missing from your life.

Or a dream with no doors might signify a feeling of being trapped in your real life circumstances.

Often in life our problems can stem from something that is absent rather than something that’s present, without our knowing what it is that we’re missing.

These types of dreams can help you fill that void and accomplish what you’re meant to achieve.