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If you dream about an abortion while you are pregnant in waking life, your dream may be reflecting concerns or fears that you have about your pregnancy.

Often, however, a dream about an abortion means that you are not confident about an idea or plan and wish to reject it, or that you are unhappy with a project that you have already started and wish to end it.

How did the abortion make you feel?

If you felt distressed in your dream, you may feel that something is keeping you from succeeding. If you felt relieved, you may need to alter your direction in waking life.

Some people think that if a woman dreams about an abortion something bad will happen to her, and if a man dreams about an abortion, something bad will happen to a woman in his life.

The most common reasons for someone wishing to abort a child are because the pregnancy is not wanted or that the person feels they will not be able to cope with having a child for various reasons. So the same sentiments can be applied to your dreams about abortion, for instance there may be something in your life that you wish you could be rid of, a feeling or a circumstance.

Or if the abortion is against your wishes the dream may reflect your fear of the termination of something that you enjoy doing.

Of course there is the straight forward interpretation, that you are pregnant and you may be afraid of having a child. However, don’t jump the gun and think a dream about abortion means you actually want an abortion in real life and become confused and upset over your dream if you don’t -  dreams are often sent to test our feelings, to play out scenarios and see how we feel about them, both in the dream and when we awake. Dreams do not reflect our secret wishes.