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Welcome to Dreaming.Life! Discover what dreams are with information on oneirology, different types of dreams, why we have nightmares, a dictionary to find your dreaming definition and techniques for vivid and lucid dreaming.

Bad Dreams

Many people visit Dreaming Life because sometimes they are left feeling confused or disturbed by bad dreams and nightmares, so finding out what their dreams actually mean by searching our thousands of dream interpretation articles and dream dictionary entries can really help! Most people find the interpretation of their dreams and nightmares is not as bad as they originally thought.

Dream Sharing

For people who don't have time to dig through all our dream material or prefer to share thoughts with real people, there is the dreaming forums where people enjoy discussing their dreams and helping others figure out what they mean, as well as meeting like-minded dreamers.

Dream Diary

Writing a dream diary is both therapeutic and a great aid to remembering dreams, so with that in mind  we have our own Dreaming Life Dream Diaries where members can record their dreams plus read and comment on other people's dreams.

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Dream Interpretation

With a little knowledge and help, all of which is available here, many people find that figuring out the meaning of their dreams becomes second nature and a very useful tool for enabling them to find guidance in waking life.

The writers of Dreaming Life, Jonathan and Marcia, have studied the works of Freud, Jung, Perls and Adler and continue to follow modern scientific research in the field of dreaming, undertaken by scientists like J. Allan Hobson, Robert McCarley, Calvin Hall, Robert van de Castle, David Foulkes, Mark Solms and Antti Revonsuo, as well as the latest research published by the International Association for the Study of Dreams, of which Meaning of Dreams is a member.

Meaning of Dreams References

To show readers we are genuine and don't just make stuff up, here are some of the books and journals we reference to provide people with the information here on Meaning of Dreams.


Journals Referenced by Meaning of Dreams

Meaning of Dreams uses many articles from scientific journals to provide you with information on the more scientific and technical aspects of sleep and dreaming. Below is just a small sample of the journals we use. For a full list of journals and articles, please see our About Us page.)

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